Investor Psychology and Overcoming Cognitive Limitations

Mind or emotions? Leave behind your instincts to succeed, and let your mind guide you to gain!

Behavioral Finance
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  • Ability to make rational decisions
  • Freedom from emotions in trading
  • Identifying winning strategies
  • Behavioral finance and discipline


In traditional financial models, it is presupposed that investors act logically while making decisions and taking actions to maximize their profits. Due to the market's unexplained investor behavior, however, this assumption is inadequate, which gives rise to a novel strategy known as behavioral finance. This premise is used to suggest that an investor's transactions and buying and selling decisions are influenced by his psychology, experiences from the past, and current mood.

This course has been designed to help the investor overcome psychological problems and is based on the most recent global advancements and research. When it comes to finances, the subconscious mind, which covertly controls individuals at every stage of life, is active, compelling the investor to act in response to every gain and loss. Dealing with loss aversion and subliminal mind control are important for stable and consistent gain, and this behavioral finance training helps to accomplish these goals. Many investors have learned from their prior errors and cognitive fallacies. Now it's your time to make enjoyable and stress-free investments.


Yaşar Erdinç
Yaşar Erdinç
Academic, Financier, and Author


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Course Content

13 chapters19 videos4 hour 54 minute total time
  • Introduction07:41
Efficient Market Hypothesis
  • Efficient Market Hypothesis15:18
Behavioral Finance
  • Behavioral Finance09:35
  • Prospect Theory 112:43
  • Prospect Theory 217:20
Festinger Cognitive Dissonance
  • Festinger Cognitive Dissonance19:11
Distinct Errors of Investors
  • Distinct Errors of Investors17:28
Finance Professors and Investment
  • Finance Professors and Investment17:04
Questions to Answer Before Investing
  • Questions to Answer Before Investing13:56
How the Brain Makes Decisions Under Stress
  • How the Brain Makes Decisions Under Stress14:59
  • Conflict Between the Prefrontal Cortex and the Amygdala21:15
Overcoming Brain Flaws
  • Overcoming Brain Flaws10:56
  • Determining Strategy16:39
  • Determining Target Returns25:05
  • Determining Maturity and Stop Loss24:48
Indecision When Selling
  • Indecision When Selling18:57
Looking Down When Buying and Up When Selling
  • Looking Down When Buying and Up When Selling04:26
Discipline Requirement
  • Discipline Requirement11:53
  • Conclusion15:07

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