How to Think Like an Investor

Don't make the same mistakes everyone else makes! Win with the guide to learn from mistakes.

Behavioral Finance
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  • Awareness of ongoing mistakes
  • Having an advantageous perspective
  • Right thinking and right perception management
  • Evaluating and assimilating recommendations


The best basis for understanding human behavior in psychology. It will inevitably have an impact on investing trends, just as it does on other aspects of life. Even though human nature is extremely careful when it comes to money, mistakes can still be made despite this caution. Investors may make risky bets as a result of the market's direction and the environment's impact.

Your examination of the mistakes made in the markets and avoidance of them will be aided by this course. It will provide you with the appropriate thinking abilities for both long-term investing and short-term trading in light of professional knowledge and experience. It will serve as a guide for choosing decisions with clarity and planning rather than under duress or in a panic during market activity. This course will prepare you to evaluate investment decisions, make the proper actions, and establish a winning thinking system with powerful steps. It contains in-depth analyses of recent or significant changes that have left their imprint on the agenda. You may now enjoy the appropriate investment without making mistakes thanks to this course, which is appealing to investors of all sizes. Your sharp intellect holds the secret to wise and lucrative investing.


Fuat Akman
Fuat Akman
Matriks Information Distribution Services Inc. Deputy General Manager


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Course Content

3 chapters18 videos3 hour 26 minute total time
  • Introduction13:43
Main Topics
  • Be Honest with Yourself10:39
  • You Must Have a Scenario18:20
  • Not from the Bottom, but from the Low12:01
  • I Sell First When the Rise Ends12:03
  • Not Using the "O" Word12:55
  • Measure of Success11:11
  • The Problem of Changing the Decision Made13:14
  • There Are No Costs in the Stock Market14:38
  • Short-Term Trading and Small Profits16:08
  • No Profit Until You Sell08:37
  • Being Able to Do Stop Loss11:42
  • I Got a Tip, This Stock Will Rise10:53
  • Accumulation Phenomenon09:43
  • Patience and Panic08:46
  • Buy Expectation, Sell Reality08:39
  • Learn to Lose First09:25
  • Conclusion and Thanks03:34

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