Basic Methods of Technical Analysis

The psychology of the markets is now in your palm with technical analysis! The road to success with technical knowledge and psychology.

Technical Analysis
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  • Interpreting balances with technical analysis
  • Ability to detect trends
  • The basis of trading strategies
  • Developing an optional strategy


One of the cornerstones of financial analysis, technical analysis is a technique that forecasts price movements by taking into account historical data in a variety of ways. Although they first emphasized graphics, analysts now utilize a variety of analytical indicators to identify growth and decline. Many technical indicators are used to identify trends, predict whether trends will continue, and generate profits, albeit their effectiveness varies depending on the user and the market in which they will be employed.

By combining the experiences gained from individual investors, this course aims to explain the expectations, boundaries, and application of technical analysis. With ideas and definitions, the technical framework of technical analysis tools will be described. On the other hand, by evaluating the perspectives of technical analysis addressing psychological notions, it will be insured that the investor will receive a sense of the overall intellectual architecture. Information about ideal psychology will also be provided, along with insights into the advantages and disadvantages of investor psychology as it relates to fundamental analysis. For individuals who wish to understand the tips presented with real-world examples and utilize technical analysis at a high level, this course, which combines all the principles and psychology of technical analysis with years of expertise, is an opportunity.


Fuat Akman
Fuat Akman
Matriks Information Distribution Services Inc. Deputy General Manager


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Course Content

9 chapters93 videos14 hour 55 minute total time
  • Introduction10:10
Fundamental Assumptions of Technical Analysis
  • Everyone Looks at the Same Thing and Sees Different Things07:34
  • Market Price Is the Most Accurate Price08:30
  • Evaluation of Assumptions of Technical Analysis07:45
Matrix's Graphical Features
  • Matrix Graphical Features 113:14
  • Matrix Graphical Features 212:11
  • Matrix Graphical Features 311:33
  • Matrix Graphical Features 409:08
  • Matrix Graphical Features 511:53
  • Matrix Graphical Features 607:16
Difference Between Linear and Logarithmic Scale
  • Difference Between Linear and Logarithmic Scale11:49
  • Linear and Logarithmic Scales on Trends08:01
  • Linear and Logarithmic Scales with Formations07:34
  • Concept of Trend 106:54
  • Concept of Trend 211:39
  • The Crucial Point of the Trend (Breaking of the Trend)10:14
  • Psychological Effects of Trend Breakage10:36
  • Types of Trends09:07
  • Trends and Confidence15:37
  • Bear Trap10:56
  • Bull Trap08:40
  • Conditions of Trend Breakage18:01
  • Psychology of Trend Breakage 110:34
  • Psychology of Trend Breakage 208:14
  • Trend Channels07:38
Studies Finding Support and Resistance
  • Gann Angles 113:36
  • Gann Angles 211:05
  • Speed and Quadrant Lines06:28
  • Fibonacci Retracement Levels 111:52
  • Fibonacci Retracement Levels 213:49
  • Fibonacci Retracement Levels 309:43
  • Fibonacci Retracement Levels 411:53
  • Fibonacci Fans16:34
  • Fibonacci Arcs05:19
  • Fibonacci Time Zones06:31
  • Fibonacci Impulse Rise Example09:43
  • Fibonacci Impulse Fall Example07:49
  • Introduction to Formations08:19
  • Head and Shoulders Formation 110:50
  • Head and Shoulders Formation 207:27
  • Head and Shoulders Formation 313:31
  • Head and Shoulders Formation 406:19
  • Double Top and Double Bottom Formations09:50
  • Triangle Formation 113:36
  • Triangle Formation 206:54
  • Triangle Formation 307:32
  • Flag Formation10:38
  • Pennant and Wedge Formations08:31
  • Double Top and Double Bottom Formations11:39
  • General Overview of Indicators10:12
  • General Overview of Averages11:27
  • Average Methods12:44
  • Average Strategies 110:55
  • Average Strategies 210:10
  • Average Strategies 307:42
  • Bands and Envelopes06:14
  • RSI 111:46
  • RSI 204:13
  • RSI 310:24
  • Momentum 107:05
  • Momentum 212:17
  • Stochastic11:21
  • Use of Stochastic 106:07
  • Use of Stochastic 212:25
  • Use of Stochastic 307:42
  • CCI11:16
  • Use of CCI09:51
  • MFI and Its Use09:40
  • Price Oscillator14:26
  • Use of POSC 107:02
  • Use of POSC 208:56
  • MACD12:30
  • Use of MACD09:51
  • MOST12:53
  • Use of MOST06:57
  • MASS Index07:19
  • ATR04:44
  • VHF06:44
  • A/D Index13:44
  • Chaikin Oscillator06:47
  • Volume10:57
  • NVI and PVI10:47
  • Kairi09:48
  • Williams A/D16:26
  • TRIX05:18
  • Parabolic SAR06:42
  • Williams %R04:11
  • On Balance Volume08:27
  • Price ROC03:31
  • Beta08:37
  • EOM07:26
  • Zig Zag03:28
  • Conclusion and Thanks09:37

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14 hour 55 minute total time
16 downloadable documents
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