Indicator Selection and Usage

The most accurate course to choose the most accurate indicator! More than seventy indicators in detail are in this course.

Technical Analysis
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10 hour 53 minute total time
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  • Definition and logic of indicators
  • Choosing the right indicator
  • Determination of market structures
  • Determining the appropriate parameter


Indicators are mathematical reconstructions of the price and volume data that investors plot on charts. The investor can use the data provided by indicators to assess a variety of topics, including buy and sell signals, support and resistance levels, and trends. Indicators perform calculations based on historical and current movements. The investor uses this information to develop plans and make projections. To improve the validity of the data and the precision of the forecasts, investors may decide to combine many indicators.

The purpose of this course is to help investors overcome the challenges associated with the choice and use of indicators, which play a significant role in traditional technical analysis. The core framework of the course includes themes like which indicators will be employed in various market structures and which parameters will be more effective to use, in addition to the definition and usage analysis of indicators. More than 70 indicators will be reviewed under the areas of formula, fundamental parameters, and maturity selection. They will also be divided into basic categories based on how they are used. The problems of which indicators are unneeded and difficult to utilize simultaneously will also be addressed in light of the fundamental categories created. Again, in this parallel, it will be looked at which indications may be utilized to confirm one another. Attend the class to enjoy the thrill of investing more conveniently with the indicators.


Fuat Akman
Fuat Akman
Matriks Information Distribution Services Inc. Deputy General Manager


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Course Content

4 chapters67 videos10 hour 53 minute total time
  • Introduction11:47
  • A/D Index15:07
  • ADX11:56
  • ADXR10:49
  • Aroon and Aroon Oscillator12:48
  • Accumulation Swing Index10:40
  • ATR06:32
  • Bollinger Bands09:54
  • Using Bollinger Bands08:36
  • Beta05:35
  • CCI08:19
  • CMO10:42
  • CO and CHO12:00
  • Chaikin Money Flow (CMF)14:31
  • DEMA08:52
  • DI and DI Spread16:50
  • DPO10:26
  • Directional Index (DX)08:22
  • Ease of Movement07:57
  • Elliott Wave Oscillator09:35
  • Heiken Ashi08:15
  • Ichimoku06:46
  • Kairi and Price Oscillator15:09
  • Linear Regression05:22
  • MACD09:57
  • General Information about Averages16:24
  • Average Strategies 108:28
  • Average Strategies 207:13
  • MASS Index07:57
  • Money Flow Index10:13
  • Majority Rule11:07
  • Momentum and Price Oscillator11:03
  • MOST14:20
  • Negative Volume Index12:44
  • On Balance Volume11:59
  • OBVx08:44
  • Parabolic SAR10:31
  • PHL1 and PHL207:43
  • Positive Volume Index04:53
  • RSI and RMI13:09
  • Stochastic 111:12
  • Stochastic 206:44
  • Stochastic Momentum Index07:57
  • Stochastic RSI12:33
  • Standard Deviation07:32
  • TRIX07:53
  • Trend Score11:17
  • Time Series Forecast03:35
  • Ultimate Oscillator10:20
  • Volatility07:35
  • Vertical Horizontal Filter07:53
  • Volume Price Trend06:39
  • Volume Oscillator05:55
  • Volume Rate of Change05:13
  • Williams A/D09:03
  • Williams %R04:37
  • ZigZag05:48
Selecting Indicators
  • Basic Approaches 110:50
  • Basic Approaches 210:15
  • Volume Indicators 115:06
  • Volume Indicators 208:55
  • Direction and Strength Indicators 114:08
  • Direction and Strength Indicators 210:08
  • Strength Indicators 113:21
  • Strength Indicators 207:27
  • Band Indicators11:10
  • Closing and Thanks06:42

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TRY 771.10

10 hour 53 minute total time
4 downloadable documents
1 analysis program
Lifetime access
Watch on all platforms