Using Averages in Technical Analysis

To avoid being mediocre, learn the averages! In this course, the average is everything.

Technical Analysis
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2 hour 48 minute total time
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  • All details of averages
  • Correct use of the indicator
  • The importance of the average as a cost concept
  • Other indicators based on averages


Averages are used in mathematics to identify a broad trend and smooth out dispersed oscillatory series. When used in conjunction with other indicators, it becomes a potent instrument for predicting the direction of the market. It holds a significant role in technical analysis since it may display the investor the dispersion of the price series as a more regular line. Additionally, by combining prices and averages, it is possible to get at the notion of cost, which will make it feasible to comprehend the typical investor psychology in the market.

All investors who use averages and indications based on averages in their investing decisions will find this course to be a thorough guide. The notion of average in education will be investigated in terms of its significance and ways of application, and it will be discussed how much value averages may provide when developing investment plans as well as how to maximize these advantages. Additionally, technical details concerning the indicators that are associated with technical analysis and employ averages as their foundation will be presented.


Fuat Akman
Fuat Akman
Matriks Information Distribution Services Inc. Deputy General Manager

Course Content

6 chapters29 videos2 hour 48 minute total time
  • Introduction and Meeting06:01
Introduction to Averages
  • Introduction to Averages 104:34
  • Introduction to Averages 206:09
Average Methods and Parameters
  • Introduction to Average Methods and Parameters04:21
  • Data Range 104:54
  • Data Range 205:16
  • Period08:20
  • Simple Average05:26
  • Weighted Average07:54
  • Exponential Average06:24
  • Cumulative Average05:50
  • Regression Average02:55
  • Dema Average08:11
  • Tema Average05:30
Indicators Based on Averages
  • Introduction to Indicators Based on Averages04:21
  • Bollinger Bands 106:26
  • Bollinger Bands 204:53
  • Bollinger Bands 308:19
  • Envelopes04:41
  • CCI (Commodity Channel Index)08:11
  • DPO (Detrended Price Oscillator)05:06
  • POSC 1 (Percentage of Stocks Above Moving Average)07:43
  • POSC 2 (Percentage of Stocks Above Moving Average)04:43
  • KAIRI03:41
  • MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence)06:28
  • TRIX04:40
Trading Strategies Based on Averages
  • Trading Strategies Based on Averages 107:59
  • Trading Strategies Based on Averages 205:08
  • Conclusion04:15

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