Complete Algorithmic Trading

Financial freedom of action! Instead of waiting on the screen, trust technology with your transactions.

Technical Analysis
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  • Using algorithms in the markets
  • Using indicators in algorithms
  • Advantages and disadvantages of algorithms
  • Testing and optimization in algorithms


Algorithms are all the sequential and logical procedures required to solve a problem, solve several problems, or achieve a given objective. Even if we are unaware of it, this automation permeates practically every area of our life. These technologies, which offer quick and efficient answers to problems that can only be solved after extensive effort, are becoming more and more widespread. By creating certain circumstances, the algorithmic system enables the possibility of making sweeps and trades without continuous monitoring. This financial "robotization" is favored in investing since it eliminates the detrimental impacts of human psychology.

You will become aware of the pitfalls and misunderstandings that may result from utilizing mechanical systems after completing this course. It has been written to educate investors about algorithmic systems established using tried-and-true, internationally recognized methodologies, as well as eradicating traditional and tiresome investment. A simple explanation of scientific analyses that raise the success rate by regulating the systems employed in this process through various tests will be provided. A document comprising sample strategies, more than 100 formulae containing different trading circumstances, optimization codes for indicators, calculators the investor may apply in practice, and other information will also be supplied. All investors find the information appealing because it is mostly written in the coding language and is not focused on formulae. This training is ideal for you if your job prevents you from keeping up with the markets or if you don't want to spend all day in front of a computer.


Kıvanç Özbilgiç
Kıvanç Özbilgiç
Civil Engineer and Economist


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Course Content

16 chapters22 videos10 hour 44 minute total time
  • Introduction29:36
Algorithmic Systems
  • Algorithmic Systems54:09
Strategy Formation and Sample Strategies
  • Steps for Strategy Formation29:10
  • Momentum16:25
  • Trend Following19:40
  • Mean Reversion19:08
  • Opportunity Creation19:05
Algorithms and Indicators
  • Using Indicators in Algorithms24:53
  • Creating Strategies Using Indicators20:02
Scientific Method
  • Scientific Method20:36
Backtest and Optimization
  • Backtest22:20
  • Optimization01:06:49
Commission and Slippage
  • Commission and Slippage27:10
Walk Forward Analysis
  • Walk Forward Analysis01:31:20
Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Monte Carlo Simulation45:49
Portfolio and Strategy Diversification
  • Portfolio and Strategy Diversification25:45
Building and Running a Robot
  • Steps for Building and Running a Robot31:49
Using Shared Files
  • Using Shared Files10:21
Data Transfer to Matriks
  • Data Transfer to Matriks06:46
  • Q&A40:59
Matriks IQ and TradingView
  • Matriks IQ and TradingView20:41
  • Conclusion01:24

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