Designing Algorithmic Trading Robots

Leave your robots to earn while you spend time with your loved ones.

Technical Analysis
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2 hour 55 minute total time
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  • Being able to construct a robot from beginning to end
  • Selecting right stocks
  • Being able to profit from price fluctuations
  • Being able to generate a steady income from the stock market


Algorithmic trading is widely seen as robotic code, with sophisticated and difficult-to-learn algorithms that can only be used by professionals. In reality, it is nothing more than a straightforward setup. Even if you are unfamiliar with technical analysis, this course will teach you how to apply it quickly and efficiently to provide peace of mind to your trading life.

Throughout this course, you will learn how algorithmic trading is a technique that allows you to make money in peace by using robots to do the work for you rather than spending your time battling the markets. You can focus on yourself and your loved ones rather than day trading.

This is most likely why you're here right now. No one is thrilled with the market's stress and, more crucially, with not being rewarded for it. The great majority is now so dissatisfied with the ebbs and flows of the markets that their main aim is for a consistent and peaceful return rather than inflated.

This will be our primary emphasis during the course. We will cover a wide range of topics, from algorithmic trading to its rules, what we should look out for when doing it, how we will utilize it once we have a system, and how to keep it under control.

While accomplishing all of this, we will go in sequence and build everything on top of each other as if we were constructing a building. So, whether you're new to technical analysis or a seasoned pro, I hope you enjoy this algorithmic trading course.

NOTE: Although the subjects covered in the course are focused on algorithm strategy and mastering your algorithms, you will need a program that can work with it since the examples are in MetaStock language. Because I use Matriks Prime, individuals who have this program will have no trouble. However, if you do not own Matriks Prime, I will provide you with a 3-month trial Matriks Prime so that you can work and develop yourself throughout the course and afterward.

The trial Matriks Prime I will provide will use unlicensed data with a delay of fifteen minutes, as it is not intended to monitor the stock market but rather to help you develop yourself and grasp algorithmic trading.

Suppose you wish to have Matriks Prime trial contact me at and submit the following information. Required informations: Name, Surname, Phone number, Email. You will receive a trial Matriks application and provide login credentials via the installation email.


Anıl Özekşi
Anıl Özekşi
Technical Analyst

Course Content

14 chapters14 videos2 hour 55 minute total time
  • Introduction04:00
What Algorithmic Trading is Not
  • What Algorithmic Trading is Not04:24
Why Algorithmic Trading
  • Neden Algoritmik Trading11:34
Getting Started
  • Getting Started07:43
Period Selection
  • Period Selection11:59
Indicator Selection
  • Indicator Selection10:28
Stock Selection
  • Stock Selection10:27
System Design
  • System Design26:17
Buy and Sell Orders
  • Buy and Sell Orders28:17
Algorithmic Trading in Bull and Bear Markets
  • Algorithmic Trading in Bull and Bear Markets10:40
Stop Losses
  • Stop Losses17:37
Steps to Follow
  • Steps to Follow10:38
Extra: Interpreting Test Results
  • Extra: Interpreting Test Results16:40
Final Remarks
  • Final Remarks04:52

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TRY 991.94

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