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Technical Analysis
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11 hour 33 minute total time
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1 analysis program
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  • Selection of stocks in line with the strategy
  • Ability to create your own indicator
  • Setting up trading systems
  • Efficiency analysis of systems


Reviewing charts, analyzing data, and making predictions based on them are approximately how trading in the markets is defined. The investor may not be able to entirely disengage from this process, regardless of how skilled he is in these areas. A collection of rules that automate the trading process and provide a buy and sell signal when predefined criteria are satisfied is referred to as a "system." Algorithms and robotics are the most prevalent examples nowadays.

Through this course, the investor will be able to master the fundamentals of technical analysis tools, which are mostly based on mathematical calculations, as well as the logical construction of new indicators that are appropriate for their trading methods. Additionally, a fundamental viewpoint will be provided to look at the overall state of the stocks in terms of technical analysis using the created indicators. The major goal of the training is to provide the investor with the reasoning necessary to build his indicators, implement the trading methods he employs, and visually monitor the systems. Even if he does a good job of analyzing, people who are sick of losing because of emotions will find that knowledge is the key to victory.


Fuat Akman
Fuat Akman
Matriks Information Distribution Services Inc. Deputy General Manager


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Course Content

9 chapters76 videos11 hour 33 minute total time
  • Introduction16:16
The Mental Infrastructure of Systematic Trading
  • The Mental Infrastructure of Systematic Trading 109:30
  • The Mental Infrastructure of Systematic Trading 210:09
  • Brief Information About Course Topics07:11
Indicator Builder
  • Indicator Builder 110:51
  • Indicator Builder 210:45
  • Indicator Builder 316:25
  • ABS11:27
  • Correlation09:37
  • Cumulate04:23
  • Day of Month04:12
  • Day of Week03:35
  • FML04:28
  • Hour04:13
  • Last Value04:02
  • Max06:19
  • Min02:49
  • Minute03:23
  • Month02:59
  • Power02:19
  • Rate of Change07:41
  • Ref06:18
  • Security Data06:59
  • SQR01:45
  • Sum08:36
  • Year03:02
  • Barssince15:12
  • Cross 110:25
  • Cross 211:37
  • Highest08:46
  • Highest High05:23
  • Highest Since Bars13:25
  • Highest Since05:30
  • If12:53
  • Lowest04:50
  • Lowest Low05:21
  • Lowest Since05:35
  • Lowest Since Bars06:11
  • Trend11:36
  • Valuewhen08:45
  • Variable Definition and Input Function15:04
System Tester
  • Introduction to the Remaining Part10:59
  • System Tester Menu 108:40
  • System Tester Menu 208:46
  • System Tester Menu 311:33
  • System Tester Menu 409:33
  • System Tester Menu 510:13
  • Result Report Analysis 113:35
  • Result Report Analysis 211:05
  • Example System RSI 119:43
  • Example System RSI 208:40
  • Example Complex Systems 109:31
  • Example Complex Systems 210:50
  • Example System MACD09:37
  • Example System Stochastic RSI10:47
  • Example System Price Comparison14:06
  • Example System RSI and Momentum06:05
  • Example System VHF10:56
  • Example System Low Price11:34
  • Example System Dip and Peak07:55
  • Example System MOST09:32
  • Example System Bollinger Bands13:44
  • Example System ATR11:51
  • Example System Standard Deviation09:32
  • Example System Time Filtering14:12
  • Example System Price Oscillator07:47
  • Example System Stochastic Slow09:18
  • Explorer 111:11
  • Explorer 212:41
  • Explorer 309:41
  • Explorer 408:10
  • Explorer 511:02
Expert Advisor
  • Expert Advisor 109:14
  • Expert Advisor 212:37
Indicator Positions
  • Indicator Positions11:57
  • Conclusion and Thanks06:59

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TRY 718.41

11 hour 33 minute total time
19 downloadable documents
1 analysis program
Lifetime access
Watch on all platforms