The Seven Sins of the Investor

Technical and fundamental analysis form an important part of making investments, but not all of it. There is also a behind the scenes part to it, which is how you behave when making investments. Let's learn together how these behaviors affect us when we invest.

Behavioral Finance
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  • To be able to form investment strategies
  • Becoming aware of behavior mistakes during the investment process
  • Realizing which investment tool your behaviors are suitable for


Just one question: Do you think you are Homo economicus?

For a long time, science of economics didn't ask the above term, instead, it simply offered one proposition: People are Homo economicus. The most important features of the Homo economicus is trying to maximize their profit, increasing the benefit to the maximum level and focusing only on their own interests. Now, you might say that all of us think or want these things. However, homo economicus states that individuals, which are doing or wanting to do these things, have a perfect rationality, an unlimited cognitive capacity, a perfect knowledge and this defense of behavioral economy arises exactly from this deficiency in this proposition. Of course, investors strive to maximize their profit, but they make their decisions within the frame of limited rationality or irrationality. The various economic crises that occurred throughout history have proven that the theory of "homo economicus" offered by the economy is defective.

In the course named "The Seven Sins of the Investor", we will talk about some of the biased, defective behaviors in behavioral economics. In addition, we will look at how these behaviors affect the investment process. I must say that a process that will develop over time awaits you, however, you need to come to the starting point first in order to be involved in the process. This training aims to give you a starting point by making you realize what kind of investor you are and what behaviours you have. Hope to see you in the course...


Cemre Yoldaş
Cemre Yoldaş
Behavioral Economist

Course Content

9 chapters9 videos2 hour 20 minute total time
  • Introduction02:47
The Investor on the Edge of Hell
  • Confirmation Bias21:17
The Investor and Their Unending Greed
  • Sunk Cost Fallacy21:39
When It Snows on the Mountains You Trust
  • Overconfidence Bias16:20
The Contagious Disease in Investors: Laziness
  • Availability Error19:37
Multiple-Choice Tests and the Investor
  • The Burden of Options20:37
The Never-Ending Exam of the Red Pill and the Blue Pill
  • Existing Bias18:50
The Endless Punishment in Hell
  • Hindsight Bias15:34
  • Closing03:23

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