Understanding Financial Statements

Everyone, especially stock investors, will learn balance sheet and income statement items for company analysis through this course.

Fundamental Analysis
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  • Learning types of financial statements
  • Mastering balance sheet items and operations
  • Understanding income statement items and the process of profit/loss formation
  • Acquiring the equipment needed for fundamental analysis


Various individuals or institutions may want to analyze companies for various reasons. First and foremost, stock investors may want to analyze the company to buy its shares. Not only those who want to become shareholders of the company by buying shares from public companies but also others who want to become partners in other ways will want to analyze the company. Those who will lend to the company, those who will sell futures goods will also need to know the company's situation to be able to receive their money when the time comes. Other companies in the same sector, company employees, public authorities (especially for tax purposes) analyze the company's situation. Examples can be multiplied, but for now, this is enough.

In this course, we will learn the purposes of basic financial statements such as balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, equity changes statement, and other comprehensive income statement. We will closely examine financial statement operations through a virtual grocery store we create that will delve into the details of the balance sheet and income statement. We will apply what we have learned in real life by testing it on TOFAŞ company.


Emrah Lafçı
Emrah Lafçı
Economist, Financial Consultant, and Educator

Course Content

4 chapters8 videos1 hour 29 minute total time
  • Introduction01:39
Basic Financial Statements
  • Importance of Financial Statements08:19
  • Difference Between Balance Sheet and Income Statement16:14
  • Effects of Transactions on Financial Statements12:03
  • Structure of the Income Statement16:30
Application for Financial Statements
  • Balance Sheet Review - TOFAŞ19:34
  • Income Statement Review - TOFAŞ13:52
  • Conclusion00:54

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