Understanding Economics for Investors

Find the formula for earnings in science! Start making the right investments by learning the basics of economics.

Business Administration
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  • Technical information of the economy
  • Interpreting key economic indicators
  • Making the right investment decisions
  • Analysis of economic data


Economics is the branch of study that examines how individuals may satisfy their finite but real demands. In conclusion, it may be claimed that it is a science of decision-making and choosing. While macroeconomics also examines collective decisions made by nations or people throughout the world, microeconomics focuses on the decisions made by individuals, businesses, or other entities. The degree of well-being is determined by economists by looking at things like income distribution, and how an increase in income affects consumption, cost, and selling price determination.

This course was created as a manual to help investors of all sizes, both little and large, understand the economic principles they will come across throughout their lives and help them make the best investment choices. It will be simpler for the investor to comprehend and evaluate the economic indicators if the technical information is presented in a language that is easy to grasp. By retaining in your vocabulary the things you will naturally learn about the economy throughout your life, you will offer the gift of assisting yourself with your investments after completing this course. Don't forget that understanding the economy enables you to keep up with national changes, make wise financial choices, and save more money.


Şevin Ekinci
Şevin Ekinci
Presenter and Economist

Course Content

4 chapters20 videos2 hour 15 minute total time
  • Introduction04:22
Essential Economic Knowledge Every Investor Should Know
  • The Science and Necessity of Economics05:44
  • Subfields of Economics02:43
  • Relationship Between National Economy and Financial Investors04:02
  • Distinguishing Financial Markets from Economics09:13
  • The Relationship Between Financial Markets and Economics and Contrasting Views02:08
  • Key Economic Factors Every Investor Should Know16:21
Key Economic Indicators
  • Inflation and Investors09:14
  • Growth Indicators and Investors10:28
  • Employment Figures and Markets08:19
  • Foreign Trade and Balance of Payments Data08:10
  • Country Budget Indicators and Investors08:53
Interpreting Key Economic Indicators for Financial Investors
  • Making Forward Predictions for Economic Indicators04:39
  • Amateur Investors Monitoring Economic Data12:34
  • Valuable Economic Data in Developed Countries and Investors05:43
  • Valuable Economic Data in Developing Countries and Investors03:51
  • Economic Indicators and Forex Investors05:57
  • Economic Indicators and Bond Investors04:17
  • Economic Indicators and Stock Market Investors04:36
  • Economic Indicators and Gold Investors04:07

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