Project Finance for Beginners

Whichever side of the deal you are on doesn't matter! You will discover the fundamentals of project financing with this course.

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  • How projects are completed
  • Credit process management
  • Risk management in project finance
  • Project financial analysis fundamentals


By offering collateral and mitigating the lender's risk, project financing covers the entire repayment made within the parameters of the plans established to secure financing by the borrower. The use of cash flows and collaterals for loan investment projects in which the project firm or sponsor companies are evaluated partially or independently from their existing operations and balance sheets is the most crucial aspect of the project finance structure. Long-term contracts are used to disperse sales risks, procurement phases, and construction and operation procedures to the project participants.

The purpose of this course is to give participants in-depth knowledge of the traits, parties, contracts, risk analysis method, financial evaluation, feasibility study, and lending process of project financing structures. This course is intended for both businesses in need of project financing and financial institutions that extend credit. It covers general principles in project finance structures, statistics on the global and Turkish markets, and technical intricacies of the Turkish market. All of the demands of those seeking to engage in one-to-one lending in the project finance sector, which has seen the significant market and financing volumes in the field of education, will be satisfied. These demands include those to use finance, acquire information, understand how markets operate and be aware of the procedures for securing financing for particular projects.


Özlem Kıldır
Özlem Kıldır
General Manager and Founder- Profinstance Project Finance Consultancy and Training Services

Course Content

5 chapters14 videos3 hour 2 minute total time
  • Introduction01:23
Fundamentals of Project Finance
  • Fundamentals of Project Finance15:41
  • Differences Between Project Finance and Corporate Finance08:52
  • Parties Involved in Project Finance11:53
  • Interparty Contracts and Characteristics in Project Finance19:03
  • Project Finance Process02:37
  • Market Sizes in Project Finance04:55
Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Project Finance
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Management in Project Finance16:55
  • Risk Analysis and Matrix Formation06:37
  • Risk Mitigation Methods in Project Finance16:07
  • Consultants Involved in Project Finance Structure16:08
Financial Evaluation of Project Finance
  • Financial Evaluation of Project Finance23:34
Credit Assessment of Project Finance
  • Principles of Credit Assessment for Project Finance27:48
  • Credit Assessment Process for Project Finance10:31

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