Secret Codes of Economy

Develop your investment expertise! You only need this course to scrutinize and assess economic facts when investing.

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  • Macro and microeconomic data definitions
  • Economic data analysis
  • Strategies suitable for risk return expectation
  • Economic and financial literacy


The production, consumption, and distribution of products and services are all topics covered by the study of economics. Macroeconomics and microeconomics are the two primary subfields of contemporary economics. Macroeconomics: Using the information on things like inflation, national income, gross domestic product, and unemployment, it thoroughly studies how the large-scale economy operates. Microeconomics is the study of the small variables that affect how people and businesses behave and make decisions.

This course was primarily designed to transmit definitions, analyses, and practical applications of current macro and micro data related to the Turkish economy in the realm of investments. It is intended that through developing their expectations, participants would be able to understand economic data, identify leading indicators, and forecast the direction of the financial markets and macroeconomics. Examples from the recent past will be looked at, and short, medium, and long-term current projections will be made in collaboration with the participants, giving them the possibility to put the transferred analysis methods into reality. With the help of the financial investment strategies they will build, the participants will be able to examine all economic facts and changes in a more professional manner and invest more deliberately in accordance with their own risk-return expectations.


Evren Bolgün
Evren Bolgün
Economist and Financial Advisor

Course Content

16 chapters17 videos4 hour 5 minute total time
  • Introduction and What Is Inflation15:35
Methods of Calculating GDP
  • Methods of Calculating GDP14:48
Dynamics of Growth
  • Dynamics of Growth14:40
Unemployment Calculations
  • Unemployment Calculations14:08
Economic Expectations
  • Economic Expectations14:37
Consumer Expenditures
  • Consumer Expenditures14:52
Balance of Payments
  • Balance of Payments14:55
CBRT Foreign Exchange Reserve Adequacy
  • CBRT Foreign Exchange Reserve Adequacy12:31
Introduction to Public Finance
  • Introduction to Public Finance14:22
Public Sector Financial Ratio Analysis
  • Public Sector Financial Ratio Analysis14:00
Evaluation of the New Economic Program
  • Evaluation of the New Economic Program15:51
CBRT Monetary Policy
  • CBRT Monetary Policy13:58
Negative Interest Rate Environment
  • Negative Interest Rate Environment13:32
Banking Sector Analysis
  • Banking Sector Analysis12:06
Analysis of Market Indicators
  • Analysis of Market Indicators 113:48
  • Analysis of Market Indicators 214:54
Haber Expert and Economy News
  • Haber Expert and Economy News17:09

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