Bond Investment Techniques

Take control of the bond market! This course explains the complexities of bond investing in great depth.

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4 hour 17 minute total time
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  • Bond buying and selling operations
  • Risk premium measurement
  • Portfolio management with awareness
  • Bond investment strategies


Bonds are debt instruments having a longer maturity period that are issued by government entities, public institutions, or joint stock enterprises to finance their budgets. Government bonds are those issued by the Treasury Undersecretariat, whilst private sector bonds are those issued by joint stock firms. Through brokerage firms and banks, investors can purchase and sell debt instruments that are traded on secondary markets. If an investor wishes to maintain the degree of risk at a minimum, he or she may choose to invest in government bonds rather than private sector bonds. Bondholders have the right to receive their receivables when they become due. The bondholder has the same legal authority to request payment of principal and interest in the event of bankruptcy or liquidation.

This course has been designed to analyze bond characteristics, yields, general valuation concepts, and risk criteria using examples. This course is intended to convey Turkish bond market transactions, yield curve models and analysis, and bond investment strategies with real-time price examples, to give thorough information about the bond market. After completing the training, investors will be better equipped to handle all domestic and international bond trading transactions with a variety of interest payment features. They will also be able to use the financial investment strategies they develop to build an investment portfolio that meets their unique risk-return expectations.


Evren Bolgün
Evren Bolgün
Economist and Financial Advisor

Course Content

16 chapters20 videos4 hour 17 minute total time
  • Interest Calculations 115:00
  • Interest Calculations 214:53
Arithmetic and Geometric Returns
  • Arithmetic and Geometric Returns11:59
Treasury Bill Pricing
  • Treasury Bill Pricing12:37
Forward Interest Calculation
  • Forward Interest Calculation12:08
Basic Concepts
  • Basic Concepts 112:50
  • Basic Concepts 212:22
Bond Value
  • Bond Value12:55
TÜFEX Calculation
  • TÜFEX Calculation 113:13
  • TÜFEX Calculation 212:29
Private Sector Debt Market
  • Private Sector Bond Issuance12:35
US Treasury Instruments
  • US Treasury Instruments13:39
Bond Price Change
  • Bond Price Change11:55
Duration Convexity
  • Duration Convexity 112:11
  • Duration Convexity 212:02
Interest Rate Volatility
  • Interest Rate Volatility11:07
Yield Curve
  • Yield Curve13:11
Bootstrapping Spline Method
  • Bootstrapping Spline Method12:43
CIR Fabozzi Method
  • CIR Fabozzi Method12:06
Bond Investment Strategies
  • Bond Investment Strategies15:45

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TRY 986.07

4 hour 17 minute total time
2 downloadable documents
Lifetime access
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