Fixed Income Securities Investment

In-depth fixed earnings! A detailed guide to fixed income securities.

Fixed Income Securities
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  • Fixed income investment price calculation
  • Predicting the future price of investments
  • Creating investment strategies
  • Investing in line with the risk level


Debt instruments known as fixed-income securities are favored by investors who seek to make risk-free, fixed-income investments. In theory, it operates by paying out returns after the specified maturities and repaying the investor's investment after the maturity. Low levels of risk are maintained by investors' knowledge of the return they would get by holding investments to maturity. While graded portfolios, savings, and treasury bills are options, bonds are the most popular type. They are issued by the government or the private sector at specific intervals to satisfy their resource demands.

This course has been designed to thoroughly explain the facts that investors will need to analyze their savings in fixed-income investments, a very low-risk investment category. In-depth introductions to calculation techniques, benchmarks, and fixed-income investments will be provided. In this course, the strategies for building the ideal portfolios in which investors would invest following their risk preferences will be covered. In addition to all of this information, clear explanations of how to determine the present and future values of each investment will be provided. This course provides in-depth instructions on how to invest in fixed-income securities for both experienced investors and novice investors.


Kutalmış Keskin
Kutalmış Keskin
Fixed Income Securities Specialist

Course Content

11 chapters50 videos5 hour 25 minute total time
  • Introduction01:48
  • Accumulation, Debt Relationship, and Debt Instruments05:31
  • Definition of Interest04:09
  • Interest Components 106:18
  • Interest Components 206:25
  • Risk Premium04:53
  • Interest Formula06:33
  • Debt Instruments07:18
Bond Mathematics
  • Simple Interest08:35
  • Compound Interest23:49
  • Cash Flows, Present Value (PV), and Future Value (FV) 111:32
  • Cash Flows, Present Value (PV), and Future Value (FV) 216:00
  • Loan Table and Regular Payments23:59
Domestic Bonds and Debentures
  • Bond02:05
  • Debenture02:31
  • PDT/DET02:13
  • Precious Metal Bonds01:58
  • VDMK03:05
  • VTMK03:28
Foreign Bond and Debt Issuance
  • Eurobond, Yankeebond, and Samuraibond04:37
  • STN01:23
  • Commercial Paper00:57
  • Private Placement03:27
  • Syndication02:36
  • MTN02:16
Risks and Position Decisions in Debt Instruments
  • Guarantees in Bonds 103:20
  • Guarantees in Bonds 202:28
  • Bond Investor05:34
  • On the Road to Investment06:45
  • Level of Interest Rates 106:20
  • Level of Interest Rates 207:41
  • Duration 104:23
  • Duration 207:54
  • Duration 307:24
  • Duration 402:46
  • Convexity 102:12
  • Convexity 200:57
Bond and Debenture Issuance
  • Issuance Terms 107:57
  • Issuance Terms 206:40
  • Issuer Introduction Document04:50
  • Company Capital Determination Document04:26
  • Document on the Use of Funds09:31
  • Document on the Nominal Value of Debt Instruments04:41
  • Other Documents03:19
Sukuk and Sukuk Issuance
  • Sukuk08:03
  • Sukuk Issuance04:49
Identification Document for Issuance
  • Prospectus19:23
  • Trading 117:31
  • Trading 215:42
  • Conclusion02:50

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