Introduction to Fixed Income Securities

The risk is low, but there is so much to learn! Do not miss the opportunity to make the right moves by learning the intricacies of fixed-income investments.

Fixed Income Securities
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  • Getting to know fixed income investments
  • Determining the value of investments
  • The right perspective on money and savings
  • Creating low risk portfolios


Fixed-income securities are debt securities that provide fixed income at the end of a specific term in exchange for a set amount and grant the owner the right to credit. These securities are favored by investors who want to assess their savings with the least level of risk. The investor knows that if he waits until the end of the predetermined maturity, he will receive income at the predetermined rate, which is one of the characteristics that make these investment products secure. Repos, bills, and bonds are a few examples of fixed-income securities. Investors prefer the assets with state assurance over those without, even if they might be classified as public or private sector securities depending on the organizations to which they are exported.

Although investors do not have much experience, they tend to put their resources into fixed-income investments, which are the focus of this course. You will get the chance to comprehend securities such as bills and bonds, the markets where these assets are exchanged, and fixed-income alternatives such as deposits through this course, which will help you to proceed wisely in a secure investment field. You will grasp the nuances of utilizing fixed-income securities to diversify your assets in addition to knowing how to act while investing with fixed income.


Kutalmış Keskin
Kutalmış Keskin
Fixed Income Securities Specialist

Course Content

15 chapters24 videos4 hour 5 minute total time
  • Introduction08:51
  • Money 109:41
  • Money 206:39
  • Saving05:30
  • Interest08:32
  • Investment22:35
  • Risks08:23
Simple Interest
  • Simple Interest 104:37
  • Simple Interest 207:01
Compound Interest
  • Compound Interest 117:38
  • Compound Interest ISIN Code19:00
  • Compound Interest 207:22
  • Present Value14:05
  • Future Value04:56
Coupon Securities
  • Coupon Securities09:24
Investment Preferences
  • Investment Preferences05:56
Bond Calculations
  • Bond Calculations 109:06
  • Bond Calculations 209:56
  • Bond Calculations 309:50
  • Bond Calculations 403:49
  • Markets09:41
Stock Exchange and Institutions
  • Stock Exchange and Institutions10:57
Investor Behavior
  • Investor Behavior 117:51
  • Investor Behavior 213:49

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