Fixed Income Securities and Repo Markets

Bonds for risk reduction or portfolio diversification! After this course, transactions involving bonds and bills will be quite simple.

Fixed Income Securities
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  • Bond investment and issuance
  • Risk identification
  • Repo and its types
  • Making the right investment


If held until the designated maturity, bonds and bills, which are investment instruments that fall under the asset class of fixed-income securities, will yield a fixed income to the holder. The principle that was stated at the beginning is returned at the end of the designated maturity, even though the return payments supplied to the investors are made across several interim periods. It is one of the least dangerous investment products for investors when it is operating as intended. Bonds are those that have a maturity time of more than one year, whereas notes have a maturity period of less than one year. Repo, on the other hand, refers to the selling of securities backed by a promise to buy them back later. Repos come in three varieties: time, demand, and short-term.

This course has been designed to help investors comprehend the fundamental ideas behind bonds and to educate them on the domestic and global bond markets. Repo products are also covered in this program, which explains in basic, easy-to-understand terms what it takes to trade with bonds and how important they are to bond market investors. For investors who want to or are already trading in fixed-income securities markets to make transactions in the right direction and with awareness of risks, it aims to educate individual investors and institution personnel who have just started investing in the bond markets or have intermediate knowledge.


Neslihan Yılmaz
Neslihan Yılmaz
Finance expert

Course Content

13 chapters15 videos2 hour 39 minute total time
  • Introduction00:49
  • Overview02:10
Bond Issuance
  • Bond Issuers04:19
  • Timing of Bond Issuance04:04
Bond Investors
  • Bond Investors04:05
International and Local Bond Markets
  • International and Local Bond Markets24:41
Fundamental Bond Characteristics and Concepts
  • Fundamental Bond Characteristics and Concepts15:20
Main Types of Bonds
  • Main Types of Bonds09:48
Time Value of Money
  • Time Value of Money07:20
Bond Yield Calculation and Interest-Price Relationship
  • Bond Yield Calculation and Interest-Price Relationship15:55
Major Bond Risks and Credit Risk
  • Bond Risks10:42
Bond Risks, Interest Rate Risk, Duration, and Convexity
  • Bond Risks, Interest Rate Risk, Duration, and Convexity21:25
Yield Curve
  • Yield Curve12:11
Repo and Repo Markets
  • Repo and Repo Markets21:11
Forward Sales and Repurchase
  • Forward Sales and Repurchase05:06

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