Guide to Investing Like a Professional

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Investment Strategies
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  • Properties of asset groups
  • Investment instruments and markets
  • Choosing the right asset group
  • The importance of timing in investing


Investment is the utilization of resources, whether they are mobile or immovable, to produce a return in the form of money or a price rise. Investment risk and return are intimately correlated, and the assets that investors can invest in vary depending on their risk tolerance. Securities may be divided into two primary asset categories: real estate and investment instruments. An in-depth knowledge of the essential traits of asset classes and the appropriate timing for investing is essential to making the proper investments.

Without overloading investors with asset group specifics, this course has been designed to clarify the complexities of selecting a market and asset group for investing. The questions that every investor faces while making an investment decision will have solutions thanks to this program. Comparative examples and information on the ideal time and vehicle will put an end to the era of investing ambiguity. All of this information transfer will take place in a language that new investors who are just starting in the world of investing can comprehend.


Neslihan Yılmaz
Neslihan Yılmaz
Finance expert

Course Content

6 chapters15 videos4 hour 4 minute total time
  • Introduction02:47
Main Asset Classes
  • Main Asset Classes05:52
Investment Instruments and Markets
  • Investment Instruments and Markets 126:24
  • Investment Instruments and Markets 214:55
Currency Selection in Investment
  • Currency Selection in Investment 132:42
  • Currency Selection in Investment 216:48
Comparison of Private Sector and Public Sector
  • Comparison of Private Sector and Public Sector06:39
Asset Classes
  • Fixed-Income Securities27:52
  • Variable-Rate Bonds22:57
  • Bond Purchase10:39
  • Stocks29:08
  • Commodities and Commodity Contracts26:25
  • Commodity Investment Planning06:27
  • Cash Investment Planning04:00
  • Real Estate Investment11:14

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TRY 297.04

4 hour 4 minute total time
1 downloadable documents
Lifetime access
Watch on all platforms