International Stock Markets

Invest in shares of the world. Learn to track and invest in global stock markets.

Investment Strategies
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  • Recognizing sub-indices and common stocks in US stock exchanges
  • Investment in ADR and ETF
  • Using Bloomberg Terminal
  • Benefiting from publicly available internet resources


American stock exchanges are favorite destinations for investors worldwide. Everyone interested in investment has heard of Dow Jones, S&P 500, and Nasdaq Indices. But do you have enough knowledge to invest in these international exchanges, which are home to the shares of the world's largest companies and considered the center of investment?

With this course, you will learn about foreign stock market indices and their scopes, while also getting to know their sub-indices closely. In the course, stock selection criteria, formed from Özgür Hatipoğlu's experience, will be explained in an applied manner. Stocks, deposit certificates (ADR), and stock exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which are investment instruments you can invest in foreign markets, will be examined in detail in the course. Throughout the course, applications will be made via Bloomberg Terminal and internet sites where you can access for free. In addition, free resources available on the internet for tracking foreign stock markets will be shared, and how to benefit from them while investing will be conveyed. This course will be an invaluable resource for those who need information to invest in international stock exchanges.


Özgür Hatipoğlu
Özgür Hatipoğlu
Global Markets Strategist and Private Portfolio Manager

Course Content

7 chapters9 videos2 hour 20 minute total time
  • Introduction10:26
Stock Selection Criteria
  • Stock Selection Criteria31:47
Common Stocks
  • Common Stocks10:12
Depositary Receipts – ADRs
  • Depositary Receipts – ADRs14:53
Stock Exchange Traded Funds – ETFs
  • Essentials 119:34
  • Essentials 210:02
Where to Track
  • ETF Tracking Screens16:56
  • Stock Tracking Screens25:25
  • Conclusion01:01

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