The Forgotten Secrets of Making Money

Are you ready to learn the path to financial freedom? Shape your future with this course.

Investment Strategies
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  • Actions to save money
  • Distinguishing between frugal living and stinginess
  • Dollar and gold investment strategies
  • How to invest in the stock market?
  • All the intricacies of real estate investment
  • What to watch for in land and plot transactions


Money has been a value for individuals for centuries, but does it truly justify a lifetime of pursuit? Does chasing money bring financial freedom? Or is the only formula the triangle of saving, accumulating, and investing?

With this course, you will learn that real financial freedom is not about becoming incredibly rich but being able to spend your time as you wish. The journey to financial freedom involves saving, accumulating, and investing. This training, which includes the experiences of someone who has passed through these steps and achieved success, will be your strongest guide on your journey.

Saving is the foundation of financial freedom, something many equate with not spending money and struggle to start. Yes, small savings can save lives, and you will learn in this course how to save those small amounts from being spent on things you truly don't need. You will find answers to questions like, "How can I save? What should I save on?"

Accumulation is your step to turn every saving into a stepping stone for your future. If you've ever thought, "Do I have enough money to save?" now is the perfect time to remember the saying, "Drips of water turn into a river." So, there's no better time to start accumulating than now.

Investment is the final and most crucial stage of building a financially free future. Does money breed money? Yes, it does. You will learn in this course how to grow small amounts by making the right investments, how to read markets, determine the right timing, and choose the most profitable investment instruments. The course will answer questions like, "When should you invest in dollars? Does gold always bring profits? Should you invest your money in interest? Will cryptocurrencies continue to be profitable? Is Eurobond the best option for the dollar?" through charts and explanations. For those interested in the stock market, there is an in-depth analysis and strategy section. This section will teach you how to invest, select the right company, and analyze local and international markets. The final part of the course will focus on real returns with real estate and land investments. You will have the opportunity to listen to investment strategies, mixed with Mert Başaran's industry experience.

Upon completing this course, you will have a high level of awareness and a roadmap for a financially free future. Remember, this course is designed to remind you of the Forgotten Secrets of Making Money. Get ready to change your life; a new future awaits you.


Mert Başaran
Mert Başaran
Savings and Investment Consultant

Course Content

5 chapters24 videos5 hour 56 minute total time
  • Introduction03:25
  • What Makes Me Me29:26
  • Small Savings Can Save Lives17:15
  • If It's Not in Your Pocket, It's Not Yours14:46
  • Does Money Breed?29:02
  • Investing in Yourself28:17
  • Investing in Your Business12:51
  • Do You Need Big Money to Invest?25:52
  • Forget the Investment You Made08:42
  • What to Invest In06:33
  • Investing in the Dollar15:36
  • Investing in Gold, Silver, and Commodities09:09
  • Bitcoin Investment03:30
  • Interest05:03
  • Individual Retirement05:29
  • Eurobond Investment04:46
  • Stock Market Investment 115:34
  • Stock Market Investment 216:12
  • Real Estate Investment 116:35
  • Real Estate Investment 213:11
  • Land Investment 119:59
  • Land Investment 227:55
  • Land Investment 323:41
  • Conclusion03:10

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9 downloadable documents
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