Stock Selection for Profit Above Index

It's possible to steadily profit above Index in the long run! No magic formula! But how?

Investment Strategies
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  • Understanding the psychological cycle of investment
  • Defining your investor profile
  • Determining the stock selection strategy suitable for your investor profile
  • Identification of stocks to move in the short term
  • Detecting growth stock
  • Understanding the philosophy of dividend investing


The main purpose of an investor considering investing in the stock market should be to achieve a stable return above the Index in the long term. Unfortunately, we don't have a magic formula to make it happen. However, for an investor who starts the investment process by understanding what kind of structure he has in terms of personality, will and psychology fitting to which investor profile, reaching the goal will be easier. Along with that, becoming involved in the game by analyzing the psychological cycle of the stock market from the very beginning will be one of the most fundamental steps to lead us to success. The final step after absorbing these stages that form the basis of being a successful investment and investor journey will be to determine the stock selection strategies suitable for your own profile and to apply these strategies with willpower and discipline. The purpose of this training is exactly at this point, transmitting to the investor in harmony and unity the necessary psychological, theoretical and mostly practical knowledge blended to provide a stable return in the long term. After the first two sections that allow you to better understand and grasp yourself and the market process based on psychology, the stock selection strategies suitable for your investment profile will be shared in the next two sections. At this point, investors with a shorter-term investment perspective will gain the ability to determine a strong stock selection strategy based on technical analysis via moving averages, trend breaks, formations and algorithms. Investors with a more long-term perspective, will gain an understanding towards detecting growth stocks with growth-oriented strategies and we will see how a portfolio based on regular purchases and dividends can offer a return above the index in the long term. In addition, at the end of the training, you will realize how a strategy, based on fundamental and technical analysis that you will create suitable for your own structure, will lead you to a long-term success when implemented with strong discipline and willpower.


Volkan Dükkancık
Volkan Dükkancık
Research Director and Portfolio Manager

Course Content

7 chapters19 videos4 hour 56 minute total time
  • Introduction04:58
Investment Psychology Cycle
  • Investment Psychology Cycle12:59
  • The Real Investor in Five Stages08:56
  • Common Mistakes14:11
Know Yourself First
  • Types of Investors and Self-Discovery13:07
Short-Term Investment Strategies with Technical Analysis
  • Trend Lines and Breakouts22:17
  • Moving Averages18:53
  • Formations and Divergences25:31
  • Filtering and Explorer Usage30:49
Medium and Long-Term Investment Strategies with Fundamental Analysis
  • Introduction to Medium and Long-Term Investment Strategies09:15
  • Growth-Oriented Investment Strategies20:18
  • Future Price Prediction28:56
  • Price Prediction – Fastweb Financial Analysis Pro Application 117:02
  • Price Prediction – Fastweb Financial Analysis Pro Application 220:13
  • Dividend Investment Strategy21:29
  • Value Investing and Contrarian Investment16:16
Extra - Using Reference Documents
  • Using Excel Documents05:11
  • Using Trend Tracking Explorer04:50
  • Closing00:44

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