Successful Investment Strategies with Behavioral Finance

Win with behavioral finance techniques! Simple investment strategies for success in the markets!

Investment Strategies
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  • Learning different investment strategies in behavioral finance
  • Creating investment strategies
  • Practical applications of investment strategies on BIST
  • Performance analysis of investment strategies


While traditional finance focuses on how investors and markets should behave, behavioral finance is concerned with how investors and markets actually behave in the real world. For example, according to traditional finance, investors are expected to shape their portfolios based on risk and return preferences. However, studies in behavioral finance show that many investors shape their portfolios based on their cognitive and emotional tendencies, i.e., psychological factors. It is through the reflection of these psychological factors that it is possible to succeed in the markets with simple investment strategies in the field of behavioral finance.

In this course, four different investment strategies in behavioral finance will be examined: momentum investment strategy, contrarian investment strategy, firm size anomaly, and earnings surprise investment strategy. In this approximately two-hour course, first, a brief explanation of these four strategies will be provided. Subsequently, it will be demonstrated how investment strategies are created through the Queenstocks program and discussed their practical applications on BIST. Finally, a performance analysis of each investment strategy will be conducted. Even if you have never heard of behavioral finance before, you are welcome to our course to easily apply these investment strategies!


Seda Peksevim
Seda Peksevim
Behavioral Finance and Retirement Funds Expert

Course Content

6 chapters14 videos1 hour 29 minute total time
  • Introduction04:47
Momentum Investment Strategy
  • What is Momentum Investment Strategy?09:09
  • Implementation of Momentum Investment Strategy11:20
  • Performance Analysis of Momentum Investment Strategy11:23
Contrarian Investment Strategy
  • What is Contrarian Investment Strategy?05:37
  • Implementation of Contrarian Investment Strategy05:03
  • Performance Analysis of Contrarian Investment Strategy06:31
Earnings Surprise Investment Strategy
  • What is Earnings Surprise Investment Strategy?04:18
  • Implementation of Earnings Surprise Investment Strategy05:31
  • Performance Analysis of Earnings Surprise Investment Strategy08:34
Firm Size Anomaly
  • What is Firm Size Anomaly?04:33
  • Application of Firm Size Anomaly as an Investment Strategy03:15
  • Performance Analysis of Firm Size Anomaly as an Investment Strategy07:43
  • Conclusion01:53

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