Investing in Foreign Stock Exchanges

Identify, see your options, learn how to do it. Take the first step in trading in foreign exchanges with this training.

Investment Strategies

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  • Things to consider when choosing a brokerage firm
  • Building blocks of investing
  • Recognition of investment instruments
  • Differentiation of strategy and tactics


The concept of distance is disappearing day by day in the globalizing world. Everything that was unreachable in the past is now laid in front of us with a single click. This rapid change, of course, is also changing the structure of the investment world. Investors can now trade in the markets of any country they want. Most of these transactions take place directly through stocks, but there are also various investment instruments that appeal to the risk perceptions of local and international investors and are used accordingly.

The interest of our investors in foreign markets is also increasing day by day. As always, before making an investment, it is necessary to learn what to invest in and how. With the “Investing in Foreign Stock Exchanges” training prepared by Özgür Hatipoğlu, who has an advanced experience in trading in foreign markets, you will have the opportunity to recognize the markets to be invested in and learn how to trade. In this short and free training, where and how to carry out the necessary account opening process to invest in foreign stock markets has been explained, as well as what pre-preparations should be before trading. Although direct stock trading comes to mind when it comes to investing, this training also introduces many alternative investment instruments.


Özgür Hatipoğlu
Özgür Hatipoğlu
Global Markets Strategist and Private Portfolio Manager

Course Content

4 chapters5 videos1 hour 7 minute total time
  • Introduction01:38
Investment Preparation
  • Choosing a Brokerage09:37
  • Before Making an Investment21:31
Investment Instruments
  • Investment Instruments33:29
  • Closing00:57

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