Introduction to Structured Investment Products

In active markets, there is protection available! You may use financial derivative products to manage your portfolio profitably.

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  • Structured products concept
  • Strategies by risk level
  • Modern examples of uses
  • Functioning of the CDS market


Structured financial products are defined in a variety of ways. Instruments that are constructed following a definition include derivatives and conventional financial products and have distinct risk and return characteristics. According to a different definition, structured goods are investment products whose returns fluctuate dependent on one or more assets. Another description of structured products is that they are investment strategies based on derivatives, such as stocks, stock portfolios, indexes, and commodities. All of these definitions point to the two primary characteristics of structured products: their existence as financial assets that generate cash flow. As financial tools that maximize returns, preserve capital, are participatory, and leveraged, they may be divided into four classes.

This course has been designed to explain all structured financial product strategies with examples of how they can be applied to a variety of underlying assets, including equities and indexes. By using numerous current sample applications and the fundamental theoretical pricing that underpins the strategies, structured products will be taught in all of their features. The program will provide participants with a wealth of information, including fundamental ideas and contemporary investing methods, as well as a variety of local and foreign examples, to dominate these transactions and adjacent markets. By the end of the program, participants will be able to choose products based on their risk preferences, be aware of the benefits and drawbacks, and develop more intelligent investing plans.


Evren Bolgün
Evren Bolgün
Economist and Financial Advisor

Course Content

13 chapters18 videos4 hour 14 minute total time
  • Introduction: What is a Structured Product?18:45
Types of Structured Products
  • Types of Structured Products13:42
Structured Debt Instruments
  • Principal-Protected and Yield-Enhancing14:25
  • BIST Stock Yield Enhancement11:44
  • DCD and USDTRY12:35
  • Discount Certificates15:11
  • Bonus Certificates13:23
  • Turbo Certificates12:57
  • Turbo Certificate and Portfolio Protection15:17
Bilateral Deposit Transactions
  • Bilateral Deposit Transactions12:38
Fully Collateralized Option Deposit Operation
  • Fully Collateralized Option Deposit Operation13:47
Option Deposit DCD Strategies
  • Option Deposit DCD Strategies13:37
Ceiling, Floor, and Tunnel Agreements
  • Ceiling, Floor, and Tunnel Agreements14:24
Conditional Option Deposit Transactions
  • Conditional Option Deposit Transactions12:56
Synthetic Structured Financial Products
  • Synthetic Structured Financial Products13:09
CDS Market Operation
  • CDS Market Operation14:17
Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO)
  • Collateralized Debt Obligations (CDO)16:27
Credit Spread Options
  • Credit Spread Options15:01

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