Options Trading Guide

Options markets are waiting for you! Gain technical understanding and practice trading options.

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  • Options buying and selling operations
  • Creating options trading strategies
  • Risk and return concept
  • Making the right investment


Contracts known as options provide the buyer the option to purchase or sell the asset at a defined price on a specific date. The premium that option purchasers pay to the sellers, who are the more risky contractors in the deal, is defined by the contract. The purchasers can invalidate the option and keep their losses at this premium in the event of a loss when the markets decline. While the loss in option transactions is constrained to the premium paid, it may be claimed that the direction of gain is unbounded since the price of the asset in issue has reached its maximum value.

This training was created to help individual and institutional investors, business executives and partners, and all investors interested in derivative products in understanding their options and facilitating effective transactions that adhere to risk management principles using the appropriate models. Pricing, modeling, hedging, collateralization, and risk management are options in this course. Real pricing examples based on market data will be used to educate investors on the nuances of trading transactions and the fundamentals of developing investing strategies.


Evren Bolgün
Evren Bolgün
Economist and Financial Advisor

Course Content

9 chapters13 videos3 hour 2 minute total time
  • Introduction13:49
Exotic and Digital Option Types
  • Exotic and Digital Option Types13:56
  • Other Option Types and Strategies17:46
Cash Flow in Options
  • Cash Flow in Options12:24
Risk in Options
  • Risk and Risk Metrics14:10
  • Risk Metrics and Option Contracts12:25
Option Analysis
  • Option Analysis 114:46
  • Option Analysis 210:58
Call Options
  • Long and Short Call Options12:31
Collar and Straddle Strategies
  • Collar and Straddle Strategies11:29
Credit Risk in Option Portfolios
  • Credit Risk in Option Portfolios12:26
Volatility Strategies and Hedge
  • Volatility Strategies and Hedge14:26
  • Volatility Contracts20:56

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TRY 948.83

3 hour 2 minute total time
Lifetime access
Watch on all platforms