Techniques for Investing Using Macroeconomic Indicators

Never make an investment without considering the big picture! For the best investment, become proficient in reading and analyzing macroeconomic data.

Investment Strategies
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  • Basic approach to macroeconomics
  • Analysis of macroeconomic data
  • Risk assessment of variables in the markets
  • Making the right investment decision with analysis


In contrast to studying economic behavior at the individual level, macroeconomics examines economic activity on a national and global scale. It looks at factors like unemployment, inflation, national income, and gross domestic product to comprehend the economy and how it functions as a whole. The economic climate of the nation where the investment will be made should be investigated before taking action. Investors do this research using that nation's macroeconomic statistics.

This course has been designed to help participants evaluate investment expectations properly and successfully utilizing changes in macroeconomic data and a risk-based strategy to address market swings. Sample findings will be used to study how short-term investments are made in the financial markets using macro data and the outcomes of variations between expectations and actuals. The aid of visuals, definitions, measurement techniques, and the present state of global risk indicators—which are the early warning signs of the market volatility—will be provided.


Evren Bolgün
Evren Bolgün
Economist and Financial Advisor

Course Content

6 chapters25 videos5 hour 57 minute total time
  • Introduction02:47
  • Introduction11:16
Investment Techniques with Macroeconomic Indicators
  • Economic Cycle14:29
  • Basic Approach to Macroeconomics14:12
  • Government Expenditure and Financing14:13
  • Foreign Trade and Financing13:49
  • Labor Force and Income14:13
  • Production and Capacity14:46
  • Manufacturing Industry Expectation Surveys13:47
  • Inflation Measurement14:38
  • Financial Markets and Interventions14:41
  • Inflation Targeting and Monetary Policy13:52
  • Interventions and Markets 114:02
  • Interventions and Markets 217:14
US Macroeconomic Data
  • US Macroeconomic Data Consumption14:57
  • US Macroeconomic Data Production14:47
  • US Macroeconomic Data Construction15:01
  • US Macroeconomic Data Employment14:31
  • US Macroeconomic Data National Income14:46
  • US Central Bank16:26
Turkish Macroeconomic Data
  • Turkish Macroeconomic Data 115:33
  • Turkish Macroeconomic Data 216:30
  • Turkish Macroeconomic Data 315:29
International Market Risk Indicators
  • International Market Risk Indicators16:01
Data Perception Psychology in Financial Markets
  • Data Perception Psychology in Financial Markets15:43

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