Advance Portfolio Management Techniques

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Portfolio Management
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8 hour 10 minute total time
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  • Understanding the concept of portfolio
  • Recognize the portfolio management process
  • Capability to pick stocks using the theoretical method
  • Ability to choose equities based on risk-return considerations


In this course, effective stock distributions are created by calculating detailed risk analyses within the effective limit framework, optimizing the average variance in line with the investors' portfolio return targets, and stock portfolio limitations in line with the risk-return preferences. Portfolio management, as it is called, encompasses the principles of deciding on the distribution of financial assets in asset classes and managing with tactics such as risk management, portfolio diversification, and market timing. This course aims to introduce investing theory, enlighten investors about topics to consider when making investment decisions and evaluate portfolio management in depth on both a theoretical and practical basis.

Aside from theoretical understanding, participants will be provided various practical applications of Markowitz Portfolio Optimization utilizing Finnet Portfolio Advisor Software during the course. Effective stock portfolio selection strategies are created with the optimizations to be made on the selected stocks with the Excel-based Hoadley Portfolio Optimizer Pro (HPO) program on the publicly traded companies in the BIST, and the effectiveness of these strategies can be seen in the risk-return perspective. As a result of the course practices, participants can actually build stock selection techniques and examine their risk-return performances to the extent they desire.


Evren Bolgün
Evren Bolgün
Economist and Financial Advisor

Course Content

8 chapters33 videos8 hour 10 minute total time
  • Introduction03:42
Portfolio Management Principles
  • Portfolio Management Process17:54
  • Real Return Analysis of Financial Assets15:16
  • Historical Volatility of Foreign Exchange, Interest Rates, and Stock Market10:36
  • Asset Allocation and Portfolio Risk-Return Analysis14:07
  • Investor Risk Profiling16:03
  • Investor Risk Appetite15:10
Financial Instruments, Risk-Return Calculations
  • Systematic Risk Measurement14:43
  • Sources of Systematic Risk14:21
  • Bond Portfolio Management Strategies17:04
  • Concepts of Private Pension Portfolio Management36:03
  • Investing in Investment Funds12:46
Traditional Portfolio Management
  • Stages of Traditional Portfolio Management 114:45
  • Stages of Traditional Portfolio Management 212:02
Modern Portfolio Theory
  • Introduction to Modern Portfolio Theory16:32
  • Efficient Market Hypothesis15:14
  • Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)14:44
  • Markowitz Portfolio Optimization Application on BIST30 Index14:30
  • Single and Multi-Factor Portfolio Models15:01
  • Single and Multi-Factor Arbitrage Models16:23
  • Black Litterman Model14:22
Portfolio Management Strategies
  • Portfolio Models Criticisms14:11
  • Portfolio Management Strategies15:22
  • Cost-Average Fixed Value Strategies16:42
  • Portfolio Insurance Strategy15:00
  • Smart Beta Strategies15:40
  • Smart Beta Factors14:57
  • What is Robo Advisor15:48
Measurement of Portfolio Performance and Risk
  • Measurement of Portfolio Performance13:55
  • Treynor, Jensen, and Information Performance Ratios14:59
  • Components of Portfolio Performance13:10
  • Risk Measurement Application for BIST100 Stock Portfolio16:45
  • Closure02:52

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TRY 2,106.13

8 hour 10 minute total time
Lifetime access
Watch on all platforms