Derivatives and Futures for Newbies

Utilize derivative goods to lower risk! Your best source for information on futures and derivatives will be this course.

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  • Fundamentals of derivatives markets
  • Futures trading
  • Various futures investment strategies
  • Professional perspective on futures


Even though derivative goods have been used since the dawn of time, the recent financial turmoil has sped up this field's advancement. Products that fluctuate in value in response to changes in the value of an underlying product are known as derivative products. Derivatives may now be used to manage risk, profit from arbitrage opportunities, and engage in speculation. Depending on how they are traded over the counter and on the stock market, derivative instruments can be categorized. The transactions that are employed the most frequently include forward, swap, interest swap, and option trades.

This course has been created to enlighten participants on the fundamental characteristics, pricing, and analysis of derivative products, including future exchange rates, indices, stocks, interest rates, and commodities, as well as how to use derivatives to manage risk. The forms and techniques of speculation, risk management, and arbitrage transactions will be demonstrated in practice using the examples presented during the training. All the characteristics of local and international futures contracts, actual trading portfolios, and investment methods will be thoroughly studied.


Evren Bolgün
Evren Bolgün
Economist and Financial Advisor

Course Content

5 chapters14 videos3 hour 22 minute total time
  • Introduction14:43
  • Gold15:29
  • Oil, Copper, Wheat, and Natural Gas13:40
  • Silver, Cocoa, and Corn12:01
  • Cotton, Soybeans, and Sugar14:41
Global Over-the-Counter Markets
  • Global Over-the-Counter Markets15:04
Futures Contracts
  • Basis Risk in Futures Contracts13:09
  • Trading on Derivatives Exchange16:34
  • Futures Contracts14:16
  • Futures on Stocks21:17
  • Pricing of Futures Contracts15:20
  • Futures Strategies15:51
  • Theoretical Pricing in VİOP11:14
  • Conclusion09:30

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