Warrant Investment Guide

All about the warrant! This course serves as a manual that explains everything about creating a plan, from the technical details of the warrant.

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  • Warrant technical information
  • Warrant transaction principles
  • Creating trading strategies
  • Budgeting practice and profit planning


The ability to diversify investment products and better accommodate investors' preferences for risk, return, and maturity has been made feasible by developments and changes in the capital markets. Investors need to have a solid understanding of the form and operation of warrants to make a wise investment in these instruments, which differ from traditional investment instruments in several ways. In theory, a warrant is an asset that grants the right to purchase or sell that asset at a preset price, on or before a specific date, and its dynamics function differently from those of other investment products. It is possible to use the "low price asymmetry" as a dramatic illustration of this distinct activity.

The technical details, characteristics, and trading procedures of warrants have been constructed for this course in such a way that they will be thoroughly checked on actual portfolios made in combination with investing methods. The participants will receive real-time price examples via the warrant market data, and the fundamentals of trading will be stressed. By the conclusion of the course, the participants will be able to carry out their warrant buying and selling transactions in a much more professional manner, and through the various warrant investment strategies, they will develop, they will have a more aware investment opportunity in line with their risk and return expectations.


Evren Bolgün
Evren Bolgün
Economist and Financial Advisor

Course Content

8 chapters10 videos2 hour 18 minute total time
  • Introduction and Varant Trade Introduction14:51
Brokerage Firm Warrant
  • Brokerage Firm Warrant Price 115:01
  • Brokerage Firm Warrant Price 212:39
Warrant Trade Fundamentals
  • Warrant Trade Fundamentals17:04
Warrant Market
  • Warrant Market12:40
Basic Applications
  • Basic Applications12:16
Investing with Warrants
  • Investing with Warrants13:16
Warrant Indicators
  • Warrant Indicators12:33
  • Dynamic Indicators and Warrant Expert26:43
  • Closing01:38

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TRY 883.97

2 hour 18 minute total time
1 downloadable documents
Lifetime access
Watch on all platforms