Understanding Statistics and Measures

The course will be useful in all facets of life! Utilize fundamental statistics to examine reality.

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  • Statistics concepts
  • Variation and shape measures
  • Reading reports and charts
  • Statistical literacy


To decide on a topic, statistics is the body of techniques used for gathering, organizing, summarizing, analyzing, and interpreting the data. Statistical data is gathered via the use of sample procedures or other techniques. Inferential and descriptive statistical procedures are both utilized in data analysis. Using the mean or standard deviation, descriptive statistics are used to summarize data from a sample. When data is seen as a subclass of a certain population, inferential statistics are utilized.

The objective of this course is to explain the concepts that will serve as the foundation for the statistical methods used in fields that have a significant impact on how people live their lives, such as the economy, finance, health, psychology, politics, production, and consumption, as well as risk and disaster management. The goal of the course is to increase participants' statistical literacy and their knowledge of cutting-edge techniques in the field of statistics so they can use them more effectively. To do this, participants will develop their skills in the research, feasibility, and market research reports they will prepare as well as in other significant projects they will work on in their daily lives.


Ali Sabri Taylan
Ali Sabri Taylan
Capital Markets Specialist

Course Content

5 chapters14 videos2 hour 14 minute total time
  • Introduction and Definition of Statistics00:44
Concepts of Statistics
  • Basic Concepts06:32
  • Types of Variables and Scales07:47
  • Population and Sample Concepts01:49
  • Sampling Methods09:25
Measures of Central Tendency, Variation, and Shape
  • Introduction to Measures of Central Tendency03:25
  • Mean, Median, and Mode22:34
  • Geometric Mean, Quartiles, and Percentiles14:36
  • Range, Variance, and Standard Deviation16:05
  • Coefficient of Variation09:46
  • Skewness16:43
  • Kurtosis04:57
  • Correlation07:19
  • Conclusion12:59

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