Financial Contracts in Project Finance

For people who wish to thoroughly learn and comprehend financial contracts, this course is essential.

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  • Project finance market information
  • Financial contract practice
  • Contract management process
  • Preparation and documentation of contracts


Project finance is the irrevocable or restricted recourse financing of long-term infrastructure, industrial work, and utilities. Cash flow from the project is utilized to pay off any debt or equity used to fund the project. Because substantial projects may be financed off-balance sheet, it is particularly appealing to the private sector.

To teach the financial contract management process of projects like privatization, infrastructure, and energy and the concepts of mitigating the risks of these transactions using contracts, this course has been created under the name of project finance. For businesses that require or employ project financing as well as lending institutions, technical elements of project finance contracts are provided. You will get knowledge of the fundamentals of converting project financing frameworks into financial contracts with this course. An advanced level of specialist training has been established in project finance structures, including the agreements, the preparation principles, the obligations they contain, and the legal consultation process, from letters of intent to loan agreements, from guarantee agreements to guarantor agreements. The course fully satisfies the requirements of people who wish to engage in project finance, an industry with the sizable market and financing sizes, through one-to-one lending, financial usage, consulting, and scholarly work.


Özlem Kıldır
Özlem Kıldır
General Manager and Founder- Profinstance Project Finance Consultancy and Training Services

Course Content

5 chapters9 videos2 hour 27 minute total time
  • Introduction05:02
Contract Management in Project Finance Process
  • What is Project Finance28:22
Financial Contracts in Project Finance
  • Introduction to Financial Contract Management in Project Finance18:52
  • Essentials of Financial Contracts in Project Finance17:04
  • Guarantee & Letter of Intent13:45
Lending Process and Loan Agreement Management
  • Contract Management in Lending Process15:20
  • Loan Agreements in Financial Contracts30:25
Collateral and Other Contracts in Financial Contracts
  • Collateral Agreements in Financial Contracts09:27
  • Other Contracts in Financial Contracts09:31

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