Subtleties of Gold Investment

Whether it's in the bank or safe! The gold that has earned you for centuries will be your gain with this course.

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  • Examining the gold markets
  • Creating investment strategies
  • Forecast about gold prices
  • Factors affecting price changes


Since it was a trading item utilized before money was invented, gold has been an essential investment tool since the beginning of the economic system. Beautiful hue that is difficult to get, yet because of its simple structural makeup, it has been highly valued throughout history. It is still the best and safest investing instrument available today. The primary explanation for this is that gold derives its value from itself and does not run the risk of abrupt devaluation.

The purpose of this course is to introduce gold as a means of investment and to serve as a trading manual. Investors will be given advice on how gold prices respond to variables including inflation, interest rates, and global capital flows as well as a thorough analysis of the variables influencing price swings. The information that the investor has to consider in order to forecast future prices will be provided in an easy-to-understand manner.


Şevin Ekinci
Şevin Ekinci
Presenter and Economist

Course Content

4 chapters6 videos44 minute total time
  • Introduction02:52
  • Introduction00:50
Gold Prices
  • Gold Prices06:14
Factors Affecting Gold Prices
  • Factors Affecting Gold Prices 112:24
  • Factors Affecting Gold Prices 215:06
Future Gold Prices
  • Future Gold Prices07:12

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