Analysis Techniques in Forex

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  • Use of technical analysis indicators
  • Frequently used analysis methods review
  • Important details about Forex
  • Choosing the right technical analysis method


Technical analysis examines previous price changes with the presumption that present price movements will repeat themselves in the future. Investors try to develop strategies by foreseeing future price levels using a variety of technical analysis techniques. Technical analysis that presents a picture of the past may be grouped around two primary ways, graphical analysis, and mathematical methods, with the use of created indicators and methodologies. All of these techniques share the same goal, which is to identify the fundamental trend regardless of brief price fluctuations.

The purpose of this course is to enlighten participants about technical analysis and commonly utilized technical analysis indicators in the forex market. Examining previous price movements will clarify why it is vital to favor effective analyses above the number of analyses performed to make precise price forecasts. Investors will be educated by looking at tried-and-true approaches rather than employing hundreds of technical indicators in volatile market circumstances. With this course, all the knowledge necessary for accurate and effective technical analysis is taught.


Okan Aybar
Okan Aybar
Forex Investment Specialist

Course Content

4 chapters12 videos2 hour 26 minute total time
  • Introduction and What is Technical Analysis06:33
Reliable Technical Formations
  • Reliable Technical Formations09:30
Technical Indicators and Interpretations
  • Simple Moving Averages15:11
  • Trend Lines08:47
  • Exponential Moving Averages08:45
  • MACD08:57
  • Momentum08:03
  • RSI08:34
  • OBV14:25
  • Support Pivot Resistance09:59
  • Fibonacci Retracement Levels11:12
Technical Analysis Application
  • Technical Analysis Application36:51

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TRY 143.88

2 hour 26 minute total time
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