Macroeconomics and Analysis in Forex

Macro gain! To succeed in forex, master macroeconomics and use the proper analysis.

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  • Macroeconomics concept
  • Performing macro analysis
  • Fast and accurate data analysis
  • Understanding world economies


The ratios that illustrate the link between a company's balance sheet items, cash flow, profit loss, balance sheet, and income statement items come to mind when the term "basic indicator" in the stock markets is used. The examination of the economic conditions in the nations of origin of the currencies subject to parity is where fundamental analysis in forex originates from. Indicators of each nation's economic structure might occasionally reveal variations. Macroeconomics is crucial since there isn't a set norm for these variations. The key to accurately predicting the movement of the parties is to analyze the macroeconomic data, identify the sub-items that make up the data, and do the proper fundamental analysis by connecting the data.

The facts and nuances of macro analysis that are required to execute effective trades in Forex are explained in this course. By analyzing macroeconomic principles that are significant in the Forex market as well as in all markets, it is intended to provide knowledge on fundamental macroeconomic indicators and basic analysis. With the aid of all this enlightening theoretical knowledge, you will be able to rapidly examine the provided facts and come to wise conclusions. Anyone who wishes to develop a technical and in-depth understanding of global economics should start with this course.


Okan Aybar
Okan Aybar
Forex Investment Specialist

Course Content

21 chapters54 videos7 hour 32 minute total time
  • Factors Affecting Currency Values09:25
What Is Interest
  • What Is Interest03:35
Lending to a Company Is Partnership
  • Lending to a Company Is Partnership03:29
Inflation and Real Interest
  • What Is Inflation01:56
  • What Is Real Interest04:26
Lending and Risks
  • Lending and Inflation Risk02:50
  • Lending and Other Risks04:53
Gross Domestic Product
  • What Is Gross Domestic Product03:21
  • How Is Gross Domestic Product Calculated04:03
  • What Is Real Gross Domestic Product05:41
  • Calculation Details of Gross Domestic Product04:05
Economic Growth Expectation
  • Relationship Between Growth Expectation and Interest and Inflation Expectation10:50
Current Account Deficit Financing
  • Effects on Interest Rates and Economic Growth18:05
Budget Deficit and Its Effects
  • Consequences of Budget Surplus12:56
  • Natural Impact of Budget Deficit on Interest Rates09:15
Missions and Objectives of Central Banks
  • Missions and Objectives of Central Banks04:36
Repo and Reverse Repo
  • Repo and Reverse Repo01:39
Deposit Reserve Ratio and Money Multiplier Relationship
  • Deposit Reserve Ratio and Money Multiplier Relationship07:04
  • Monetization09:45
Determination of Exchange Rates
  • Economic and Financial Processes Affecting Exchange Rates11:29
  • Economic Indicators Influencing Exchange Rates04:39
  • Effect of Expectation Surveys on Exchange Rates04:02
  • Effect of Eco-Political Statements on Exchange Rates04:07
  • Significant Non-Economic Factors Affecting Exchange Rates04:57
Basic Principles of Economic Indicator Analysis
  • Basic Principles and Assumptions of Indicator Analysis10:42
Household Expectation Survey Analysis
  • Household Expectation Survey Analysis13:16
ISM Index Evaluation
  • ISM Index Evaluation13:03
Leading Indicators Index Evaluation
  • Leading Indicators Index Evaluation11:09
Factors Affecting Interest Rates and Local Currency
  • Inflation Data13:39
  • Gross Domestic Product13:00
  • Money Supply10:17
  • Non-Farm Payrolls10:59
  • Job Applications09:05
  • Personal Income08:32
  • Personal Spending07:15
  • Retail Sales07:48
  • Durable Goods Orders10:44
  • Home Sales and Construction Permits09:52
  • Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization08:35
  • Production Inventories11:08
  • Foreign Capital Inflows10:27
  • Current Account Balance12:19
  • Budget Balance22:03
Important Information About the U.S. Twin Deficits
  • Important Information About the U.S. Twin Deficits04:43
Intermarket Relationships and Ratios
  • Introduction to Intermarket Relationships06:50
  • Interaction Between the Dollar and Commodities05:13
  • Interaction Between the Dollar and Stocks05:48
  • Interaction Between the Dollar and Interest Rates05:33
  • Interaction Between Interest Rates and Stocks06:25
  • Interaction Between Interest Rates and Commodities08:57
  • Dow Jones Copper Ratio09:55
  • Platinum and Gold Ratio05:45
  • Dow Jones 5-Year Dollar Interest Rate Ratio06:41
  • Intermarket Relationships and Ratios20:53

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TRY 362.42

7 hour 32 minute total time
Lifetime access
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