Global Forex Markets

It's time to understand the Forex markets! Learn global Forex markets to discover investment opportunities.

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  • Forex futures markets
  • Use and function of Forex
  • Over-the-counter markets
  • Algorithmic systems


The most liquid asset market in the world, forex has no one hub where currencies are exchanged. To benefit from the price differential in currency trading, investors trade using a Forex account. The trading volume on the leveraged Forex markets can be up to 10 times the amount raised, and one can invest any time, seven days a week. Both spot (cash) and derivatives markets, which provide Forwards, Futures, Options, and Currency Swaps, are accessible for forex trading. Forex markets work differently from institution to institution and nation to country, even though the fundamentals are the same.

The purpose of this course is to provide you with knowledge on how Forex is used and how it works in many contexts, including structured markets, over-the-counter markets, clearing transactions, futures markets, different types of brokerage houses, and algorithmic systems. The training's objective is to provide knowledge on forex markets while demonstrating how the foreign exchange market operates globally and in Turkey. You will observe how the Turkey forex market interacts with the organized market and understand that our nation's functioning system is conducive to investors.


Okan Aybar
Okan Aybar
Forex Investment Specialist

Course Content

13 chapters34 videos1 hour 43 minute total time
  • Organized Markets07:44
Over-the-Counter Markets
  • Over-the-Counter Markets02:49
  • General Operational Characteristics of Over-the-Counter Forex Markets05:41
  • Over-the-Counter Interbank Forex Market03:11
Prime Brokers
  • Prime Brokers02:04
Interbank Markets
  • Currencies in Interbank Forex Markets03:16
  • Currencies in Interbank Forex Markets Example02:17
  • Networks in Interbank Markets 102:27
  • Networks in Interbank Markets 202:28
  • Networks in Interbank Markets 302:25
  • The Importance of Prime Brokers in Interbank Markets03:21
Reciprocal Clearing Operations
  • Reciprocal Clearing Operations03:16
  • Intermediary Clearing Operations02:44
Non-Delivery Transactions
  • Non-Delivery Transactions01:47
Prime Brokers and Liquidity
  • Prime Brokers and Liquidity01:35
Uses of Forex
  • Forex and Its Uses03:06
  • Forex in Futures Markets03:06
Internet and Forex
  • Internet and Forex02:49
Forex in the Investment Sector
  • Forex in the Investment Sector02:49
Underlying Assets Traded in Forex Markets
  • Underlying Assets Traded in Forex Markets03:02
Forex and Over-the-Counter Market Conditions
  • Forex and Over-the-Counter Market Conditions06:12
Forex in Turkey
  • Regulations and Capital Markets Board02:56
  • Types of Intermediary Institutions03:40
  • Minimum Capital Requirements01:30
  • Whitelabel03:56
  • Domestic Intermediary Institutions' Market Making03:49
  • Leverage Up to 100 Times01:26
  • Maximum Loss Allowed03:42
  • Profitable to Lossy Customer Ratio01:17
  • Intermediary Institution Risk04:29
  • Account Funding with Credit Card02:15
  • Scope of Leveraged Transactions01:41
  • Algorithmic Systems03:17
  • Taxation from the Intermediary Institution Perspective01:30

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TRY 143.88

1 hour 43 minute total time
Lifetime access
Watch on all platforms