Swap Transactions in Forex

Don't let your investments disappear overnight! Through examples, learn how to carry an overnight position.

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  • Swap concept
  • Swap in Forex with examples
  • Swap calculation scenarios
  • Risks in swap


The net difference between the interest rates levied on the lent currency and the interest rates paid on the borrowed currency is what is meant by the broadest definition of a swap. Contrary to other financial markets, the Forex market encounters swap transactions as a carrying cost even if they might be done on assets like interest money, commodities, or equities. In Forex, there are two different types of swaps: those used to maintain open overnight bullish positions and those used to maintain open overnight short positions.

With the use of examples, this course will clarify the unfamiliar idea of the swap, describe its application scenarios, go through its implementation strategies, and look at the associated dangers. The events that cause money to enter or leave an account will be transferred when a position is shifted to the night. Investors will be made aware of the dangers and given the essential information so they can carry out their positions more carefully. Through the use of examples, you will learn the concept of swaps in forex.


Okan Aybar
Okan Aybar
Forex Investment Specialist

Course Content

6 chapters18 videos2 hour 38 minute total time
  • Introduction02:29
  • Swap Calculated According to Standard Size03:42
Swap and Calculation
  • What is Swap and How is it Calculated?04:00
Overnight Position Carrying Example
  • USDTRY Buy03:19
  • USDTRY Sell03:44
Swap Purchase and Repayment
  • Swap Purchase and Repayment03:46
Swap Calculation
  • Swap Calculation Using Forward Exchange Rate Method08:13
  • Scenario: TL Interest Higher than USD Interest14:31
  • Scenario: USD Interest Higher than TL Interest12:41
  • Scenario: TL Interest Equal to USD Interest09:09
  • Scenario: USD Loan Rate Equal to TL Interest11:44
  • Euro Account13:28
  • Profit Loss Swap Calculation Example20:01
  • Scenario: USD to Euro Account09:21
  • Scenario: USD to Yen Account10:06
  • Scenario: Euro Australian Dollar Swiss Franc12:05
  • Scenario: Gold13:08
Risks of Swap
  • Risks of Swap02:59

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TRY 149.10

2 hour 38 minute total time
Lifetime access
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