Brokers in Forex

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  • Features of Forex
  • Function of intermediary institutions
  • Principles of choosing the right institution
  • Earning methods for brokerage firms


Those who wish to trade forex do so through firms that have been approved by the Capital Markets Board to conduct leveraged and leveraged trading activities. Institutions serving as intermediaries are these businesses. In Turkey, leveraged trading transactions do not include investment consulting or private portfolio management services. Because of this, selecting the intermediate institution to be exchanged requires understanding of the operating and operational principles.

The purpose of this course is to explain the characteristics of forex, the role of intermediate institutions in forex, and the strategies for profit. Investors will learn about the strategies employed by brokerage firms to make money during this seminar, where they will also discover answers to the queries they have regarding Forex. Enjoy picking the best investing tool while entering the Forex market in light of all this knowledge.


Okan Aybar
Okan Aybar
Forex Investment Specialist

Course Content

5 chapters10 videos49 minute total time
  • Earnings Methods of Brokerage Firms02:50
Transparent Structure Brokerage Firms
  • Earnings Methods of Transparent Structure Brokerage Firms03:46
Position Management Against Investors
  • Position Management Against Investors03:28
  • Order Management Systems03:58
  • Example of Position Management Against Investors04:11
  • Stop-Loss Efforts05:03
  • High Leverage and Advertisements04:37
  • Scalping03:55
Brokerage Firms and Earning from Swaps
  • How Brokerage Firms Make Money from Swaps05:00
  • Example of How Brokerage Firms Make Money from Swaps12:38

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