Getting Started with Forex

Don't let your first move in forex be your last! Before trading, master the forex markets.

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  • Technical information about forex
  • Forex market features
  • Economic indicator analysis
  • Forex investment in Turkey


A global market where national currencies are traded against one another is the forex market. A product made from a commodity has also been processed in the constantly expanding and evolving market. Although they share parallels with stock and futures markets, forex markets, which have the biggest transaction volume in the world, have several peculiar characteristics. The pricing discrepancies that arise as a result of the brokerage houses on which the transactions are done with various standards are the most significant illustration that can be made of this issue.

This course has been designed to teach the fundamental elements of the foreign exchange market, the many kinds of orders used there, and the operating rules. Investors will be given the technical tools they need to prevent losses along with information on leverage and risk in Forex with examples. While teaching forex, this course also covers economics, technical analysis, interpreting intermarket relationships, and economic indicator analysis. At the conclusion of the course, emphasis will be placed on the idea of forex in the globe and in Turkey in addition to all the information that an investor will require before creating a Forex account.


Okan Aybar
Okan Aybar
Forex Investment Specialist

Course Content

19 chapters72 videos4 hour 46 minute total time
  • Introduction and Virtual Trading04:15
Price Reaching Investors
  • Price Reaching Investors03:55
Different Brokerage Firms, Different Prices
  • Different Brokerage Firms and Different Prices06:28
Transactions Are Virtual and Fictitious
  • Transactions Are Virtual and Fictitious04:56
Transactions Are Leveraged
  • Transactions Are Leveraged00:56
Leverages Are Extremely High
  • Leverages Are Extremely High02:11
Profit Loss Calculation
  • Profit Loss Calculation and Base Currency01:45
Standard Trading Size
  • Standard Trading Size02:26
Profit Loss Example
  • Profit Loss Example02:17
  • USDTRY Example03:08
  • EURJPY Example03:45
  • AUDCAD Example03:27
  • XAUUSD Example02:25
Important Note
  • Important Note02:03
Leverage Risk
  • Leverage Risk03:52
Leverage in Forex
  • Leverage Account in EURJPY02:55
  • Leverage Account in Gold01:27
  • Leverage Account in GBPYEN02:21
  • Leverage Account in Euro Gold01:41
  • Leverage in Gold01:14
  • Leverage in CHFYEN03:01
  • Leverage Account in Euro CHFYEN01:50
Risks in Forex
  • Knowing Leverage Risk at 100x Leverage02:18
  • Knowing Leverage Risk at 10x Leverage02:22
  • Knowing Leverage Risk at 500x Leverage02:53
  • Volatility Risk in Forex02:56
  • Weekend Risk03:14
  • Transaction and Order Risks02:51
  • Price Slippage Risk05:20
  • Forgetting Pending Orders02:08
  • Technology Risks03:12
  • Brokerage Firm Risks03:12
  • Quotation Risks03:49
  • Legal Risks05:42
Order Types in Forex
  • Active Orders04:25
  • Fill or Kill Orders02:16
  • Price Optional Fill or Kill Orders02:45
  • Passive Orders05:09
  • Price Distance Condition in Passive Orders02:32
  • Stop Orders03:56
  • Order Validity Period01:54
  • Combined Orders04:15
  • One Cancels the Other (OCO) Orders04:50
  • One Cancels the Other Orders in Forex and Futures07:12
Forex Market Features
  • Misuse of Forex06:22
  • Investors Losing Money02:49
  • Moderate Speculation02:23
  • 24/5 Open Markets02:08
  • Opportunity to Trade in Any Direction02:59
  • Arbitrage Opportunity02:14
  • Arbitrage Opportunity Example 106:19
  • Arbitrage Opportunity Example 206:48
Forex Brokerage Firms Worldwide
  • Market Making01:58
  • Transaction Limits and Networks in Market Making03:47
  • Function of Clearing Houses04:56
  • Relationships Between Investors, Brokerage Firms, and Other Brokerage Firms06:36
  • Order Management Systems08:40
Profits and Losses in Forex
  • Taking Profit without Stop-Loss01:39
  • High Leverage and Volatility without Stops06:22
  • Holding Opposite Positions in the Same Pair07:50
  • Opening Accounts in Countries with Weak Oversight04:29
  • Adjusting to Low Leverage03:56
  • Trading Infrequently03:18
  • Trading with Risk Capital07:18
  • Risking Based on Market Volatility02:15
  • Knowing Risks at 1:10 Leverage04:36
  • Knowing Risks at 1:100 Leverage03:55
  • Margin Call and Stop-Out Level Calculation Example11:23
Alternatives to Spot Forex
  • Futures Forex Transactions07:48
Forex in Turkey
  • Hedging is Allowed04:12
  • Taxation from the Investor's Perspective03:41
  • Questions to Ask Brokerage Firms When Opening an Account13:28

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