Dupont Analysis: Key in Stock Selection

Change your perspective on companies with Dupont analysis.

Fundamental Analysis

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  • Understanding the ratios used in Dupont analysis
  • Being able to evaluate ratios as a whole
  • What to consider in proper stock selection
  • Interpreting the ratios correctly for accurate results


Dupont analysis is a valuable tool that experts frequently use for proper company identification and stock selection. This analysis is based on income statements and balance sheet data that reveal the financial health of companies in the same industry. The purpose of companies is to maximize their equity. Dupont analysis, by analyzing net profit margin, asset turnover ratio, asset profitability, debt ratio, and equity profitability, contributes significantly to evaluating the financial performance of companies and how far they have progressed towards achieving this goal.

In this free course, you will find answers to questions such as: What is Dupont analysis? What is it used for? Is it beneficial in proper stock selection? You will learn how to use and interpret the fundamental components of the analysis together. Since Dupont analysis uses numerous and important ratios, it is a useful system for proper company selection; however, when evaluated alone, it is insufficient for accurately determining the stock's price. Within the course, you will learn how to use Dupont analysis in conjunction with market multiples to accurately determine stock prices. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the use of Dupont analysis will be conveyed through practical applications using Fastweb Financial Analysis Pro and specially prepared Excel exercises. This free course, where Üzeyir Doğan will provide both theoretical and practical explanations of Dupont analysis based on his experience, will be an invaluable resource for all investors.


Üzeyir Doğan
Üzeyir Doğan
Investment Advisor and Author

Course Content

4 chapters5 videos55 minute total time
  • Introduction03:09
Dupont Analysis Ratios
  • Dupont Analysis Ratios26:12
Applied Dupont Analysis
  • Dupont Analysis with Fastweb Financial Analysis Pro15:04
  • Dupont Analysis with Excel09:49
  • Conclusion01:36

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