Metastock Language to Make Formula Writing Easier

Writing a formula in Metastock language will only take you a few days.

Technical Analysis
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  • Become able to understand Metastock language.
  • The ability to write formula in the Metastock language.
  • To feel more at ease with automated trading.
  • Learning genuine technical analysis language


"I wonder if I'll be able to learn it?" if it's about learning a new language. The question is one that we all fear. However, if the question is about the MetaStock language, my answer is a loud yes. Because this course will teach you the MetaStock language, which you will use to develop algorithmic systems, write fresh new indicators, and search for buyable stocks. After a few days of work, you will be ready to conceive and construct your idea.

First and foremost, the purpose of the course is to help you grasp the MetaStock language by starting with the most basic principles and progressing to reading and writing in it. You will witness for yourself how simple it is throughout our course. However, the primary goal of this course will never be to turn you into a MetaStock expert. Instead of drowning in details during our learning, we will concentrate on being able to construct what we need by knowing this language in the smallest amount of time.

As I previously stated, the major reason you will be able to learn MetaStock language simply is because it is basic and has been designed with a few easy-to-learn simple principles. Its simplicity, which cannot be compared to Tradingview's Pine Script or programming languages like C#, PHP, or Python, will allow you to grasp the MetaStock language in less time and will also allow you to organize your thoughts more readily while in front of any chart.


Anıl Özekşi
Anıl Özekşi
Technical Analyst

Course Content

5 chapters5 videos1 hour 18 minute total time
  • Introduction05:47
  • Indicators36:47
  • Definitions06:06
  • Operators03:42
  • Functions26:00

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