Introduction to Option Strategies

Requirements for success in the options markets; are explained via examples in this course.

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  • Statistics concepts
  • Variation and shape measures
  • Reading reports and charts
  • Statistical literacy


In spot markets, investment transactions can be made without dealing directly with the underlying asset by employing options relating to such assets. At this time, option strategies become more significant. They are one of the key strategies for profiting from these chances as well as being protected from market swings. The two most common forms of option strategies are call and put options. Without taking on excessive risk to the downside, call options can be utilized for hedging or speculation. Although they may need a greater grasp of options trading, more complicated combination and spread methods exist in investing strategies to both reduce risk and increase profit.

This course was created to educate investors on strategy selection, execution, and timing, particularly using examples of stock option contracts. With the aid of examples, the fundamental methods employed in the options markets as well as the combinations built upon these tactics will be described. It will guide professionals who are interested in this topic and want to better themselves, as well as individual investors who want to trade in this market, with its in-depth explanation. It will not only assist those working in the capital market to obtain a derivative license from the Capital Markets Board.


Gökhan Güngör
Gökhan Güngör
Minerva Education and Consulting Partner

Course Content

3 chapters8 videos1 hour 14 minute total time
Put and Call Strategies
  • Long Call08:41
  • Long Put07:37
  • Short Put08:04
  • Short Call07:44
Spread Strategies
  • Bull Spread12:32
  • Bear Spread11:16
Butterfly Strategies
  • Long Butterfly Strategy09:43
  • Short Butterfly Strategy08:44

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