Investment Institutions

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Capital Market Licensing
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  • General information about investment services
  • Operating principles of investment companies
  • Transactions of capital market instruments
  • Preparing for the exam with expert explanations


Institutions that are permitted to operate in the capital markets and function as an intermediary in stock trading are known as investment institutions, a name that was previously used for intermediate institutions. Investment institutions offer both brokerage and investment counseling services. According to the partnership structure, it is divided into two categories: those with bank roots and those without bank ownership. Additionally, passing the three levels of the Capital Markets Authority Licensing Exams and the Derivative Instruments Exam requires passing one of the required topics.

This course has been created to eliminate the need for further research for people who desire in-depth knowledge of financial institutions and those who hope to pass the Capital Markets Authority's license tests. Three important areas will be looked at while examining investment institutions. The rules governing the formation and management of investment firms, the activities that makeup investment services, and the specifics of maintaining investment services' accounting records are among them. Each topic's specifics will be taught in the format used for test preparation.


Gökhan Güngör
Gökhan Güngör
Minerva Education and Consulting Partner

Course Content

19 chapters29 videos14 hour 6 minute total time
  • Introduction01:16
  • Introduction36:03
  • Order Routing29:37
  • Transaction Intermediation32:10
  • Portfolio Intermediation41:41
Derivative Instruments
  • Derivative Instruments21:29
Leveraged Transactions
  • Leveraged Transactions37:43
Responsibility in Buying and Selling Activities
  • Responsibility in Buying and Selling Activities02:57
  • Collaterals14:53
Transmission of Buy and Sell Orders in Electronic Environment
  • Transmission of Buy and Sell Orders in Electronic Environment18:38
Authorization and Notification Requirement
  • Authorization and Notification Requirement06:17
Grouping of Intermediary Institutions
  • Grouping of Intermediary Institutions06:28
Activities of Foreign Institutions Located Abroad in Turkey
  • Activities of Foreign Institutions Located Abroad in Turkey04:33
Capital Market Activities
  • Individual Portfolio Management44:03
  • Investment Consultancy34:23
  • Public Offering Activities21:09
  • Custody Services32:18
  • Ancillary Services21:10
Establishment and Classification of Intermediary Institutions
  • Establishment Activities01:13:19
  • Customers50:36
Off-Premises Organization of Intermediary Institutions
  • Off-Premises Organization of Intermediary Institutions12:00
Obligations of Investment Institutions
  • Obligations of Investment Institutions40:15
Prohibitions on Activities of Intermediary Institutions
  • Prohibitions on Activities of Intermediary Institutions17:22
Transactions of Capital Market Instruments
  • Credit Purchase Short Sale Transaction01:17:26
  • Credit Purchase Transaction36:20
  • Short Sale Transaction46:35
  • Securities Borrowing and Lending Transaction25:16
Document Record Keeping System
  • Document Record Keeping System57:00
  • Closing03:17

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