Derivatives, Markets and Risk Management

Whether for licensing or investment! This course is enough on its own to comprehend all aspects of derivatives.

Capital Market Licensing
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  • Futures strategies
  • All the subtleties of options
  • Basic options strategies
  • Preparing for the exam with expert guide


Investors face danger and opportunity due to the fluctuation in product prices in the financial markets. At this stage, derivative goods are used, and they are one of the key tools for both protecting against and taking advantage of financial market swings. On the other side, the Capital Markets Board's Derivatives License Exam includes questions about derivative instruments, markets, and the risk management module.

This course is intended to help people who work in the capital markets get a derivatives license from the Capital Markets Board as well as professionals who are curious about this topic and want to advance their careers as well as individual investors who wish to trade in this market. Currency forwards, forward value agreements (FRA), interest rate and cross currency swaps, futures contracts, basic and exotic options, option strategies, options on interest rates, and structural products made of options will be the main topics covered in this course. Examples will be given to demonstrate how all derivatives are utilized for both hedging and investing goals.


Gökhan Güngör
Gökhan Güngör
Minerva Education and Consulting Partner

Course Content

11 chapters26 videos6 hour 30 minute total time
  • Introduction and Basic Concepts09:45
Forward Contracts
  • Forward Contracts44:51
Futures Contracts
  • Futures Contracts33:06
  • Futures Contracts in Turkey19:24
Forward Rate Agreements (FRAs)
  • Forward Rate Agreements (FRAs)15:48
Interest Rate Swaps
  • Interest Rate Swaps15:55
Cross-Currency Swaps
  • Cross-Currency Swaps16:39
  • Options57:56
  • Option Pricing Model34:18
  • Sensitivity of Option Premium (Option Greeks)15:49
Basic Option Strategies
  • Long Call08:41
  • Long Put07:37
  • Short Put08:04
  • Short Call07:43
  • Bull Spread12:32
  • Bear Spread11:16
  • Long Butterfly Strategy09:43
  • Short Butterfly Strategy08:44
Exotic Option Types
  • Digital Options (Binary)06:17
  • Double No Touch Options03:53
  • Knock-In Options06:58
  • Knock-Out Options05:37
Structural Products Created from Options
  • Range Reversal (Collar)07:57
  • Asymmetric Forward07:27
Some Options Related to Interest Rates
  • Interest Rate Ceiling, Floor, and Interest Collar10:17
  • Swap Option (Swaption)04:30

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