Gökhan Güngör

Minerva Education and Consulting Partner
Gökhan Güngör


As a dealer in the treasury and capital markets division, I began my career in the banking industry. I then worked as an assistant manager, manager, treasury director, and assistant general manager, in that order. I've been in company for 30 years and transitioned to the corporate training industry in 2007.

My professional career, which began at Tekstilbank A.Ş., subsequently changed its name to HSBC Bank A.Ş., continued in Midland Bank A.Ş. I made it possible for Midland Bank A.Ş. to participate as a market maker in this industry by becoming a pioneer in the establishment of futures market transactions in Turkish Lira.

In 1999, Aktifbank A.Ş. I founded the bank's treasury and capital markets division when I joined Çalıkbank as the treasury director. I participated in the active-passive committee while doing my duties as the assistant general manager. For the Treasury, I created the market-based (market-to-market) performance system as well as the market risk measuring and monitoring systems.

I became a managing partner of Minerva Education and Consulting Inc. in 2007, and I still provide training to organizations in the real estate and financial sectors.

I earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Indiana University's School of Business in 1986. I also hold Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Philosophy degrees from Boğaziçi University and Anadolu University, respectively. My PhD studies at Istanbul University's Faculty of Business Administration, Finance Major, are currently ongoing.


Gökhan Güngör