Vanilla Type Options for Investors

The foundation of options! An in-depth study of options and vanilla options.

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  • Option basic concepts
  • Options contracts and their types
  • Option pricing models
  • Fundamentals of option pricing


Contracts known as options provide the holder the authority to purchase or sell a certain underlying good. They are often categorized as exotic alternatives and vanilla kind. One of the most fundamental forms of options is the vanilla type option, which is a contract that grants the buyer the right to buy or sell an underlying good at a price established now, at a future maturity, or during the period before maturity. In conclusion, a vanilla options contract is the most basic sort of option contract and may be considered to include the usual elements of a contract.

The purpose of this course is to thoroughly study the possibilities and serve as a resource for the Derivative Instruments Exam. By starting with the very beginnings of the idea of choices, numerous forms of options will be explained. Questions concerning how the choices work will be addressed by describing the underlying goods, guiding principles, and roles of the participants. The participants will be shown the foundation for option pricing along with sample contracts and price models.


Gökhan Güngör
Gökhan Güngör
Minerva Education and Consulting Partner

Course Content

4 chapters4 videos1 hour 48 minute total time
  • Introduction03:46
  • Options54:19
Option Pricing Model
  • Option Pricing Model34:18
Sensitivity of Option Premium (Option Greeks)
  • Sensitivity of Option Premium (Option Greeks)16:01

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TRY 296.60

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