Understanding Stock Options

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  • Basics of option concept
  • Stock options strategies
  • Analyzing the markets correctly
  • Profitable investment techniques in the trade system


An agreement between the buyer and the seller on an item at a predetermined price is referred to as an option. Contrarily, stock options do not require the investor to buy and sell the shares at the agreed-upon price and date. Buying (call) is the term for a transaction made with the belief that the stock would decline, while selling is the term used when the belief is that the stock will rise (put). Stock options are chosen because they offer big returns with little risk. Investors can lose up to the option premium they paid to the seller, but the potential return is limitless.

In order to understand investing methods, assess stock options, and trade stocks correctly, this course has been designed. The fundamental technical details of the options will be thoroughly reviewed, and examples will be used to demonstrate investing, risk management, and transactions that generate monthly income. Investors will be able to trade in overseas equities, futures trading, and commodities options in light of all this information. Investors will have the opportunity to test their knowledge in the question and answer segment in addition to the theoretical information and real-world examples in the training.


Ateşan Aybars
Ateşan Aybars
Nuclear Engineer, Educator and Consultant

Course Content

7 chapters11 videos3 hour 21 minute total time
  • Fundamentals of Options 114:29
  • Fundamentals of Options 221:12
Option Pricing Models
  • Option Pricing Models20:33
Option Greeks
  • Option Greeks 122:07
  • Option Greeks 214:21
  • Option Greeks 314:37
Classic Strategies
  • Buying Stocks Cheaply12:28
  • Hedging and Periodic Returns with Options16:31
Strategic Strategies
  • Strategic Strategies33:28
Volatility Strategies
  • Volatility Strategies13:53
Position Greeks
  • Position Greeks17:19

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TRY 337.51

3 hour 21 minute total time
Lifetime access
Watch on all platforms