Futures Markets and Risk Management

Let nothing remain unknown about futures markets!

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  • Understanding the logic of futures finance
  • Risk management in financial and commodity markets
  • Strategies on bond and commodity contracts
  • Daily market facts


The market where derivative products of standardized quantity and quality are traded, with the terms and prices established in advance but the purchase and sale taking place at a predetermined future date, is known as the futures market. Futures markets may provide a benchmark for the actual sector by instantly broadcasting to the whole world the prices of traded goods. In addition to this characteristic, it is favored because of the transactions' guarantee by the exchange clearing center, its simplicity of use, the financial advantages it offers investors, and the chance to control risk.

This course has been designed to help you comprehend the fundamental ideas behind futures markets, as well as how to employ investing methods rationally and control the input costs that result from the volatility of real-world commodity prices. Information on bills and commodity contracts, which are not yet sufficiently established in Turkey, will also be provided together with risk management against the financial and commodities markets, as well as against changes in foreign exchange and currency. In addition to all of these things, it aims to construct fund management strategies and provide the foundation for applications for futures and options.


Ateşan Aybars
Ateşan Aybars
Nuclear Engineer, Educator and Consultant

Course Content

9 chapters29 videos6 hour 59 minute total time
Relationship Between Spot and Futures Prices
  • Derivative Markets11:27
  • Futures and Forward Markets15:50
  • Standardization15:28
  • Margin System10:49
  • Clearing System and Guarantee11:21
  • Types of Orders13:18
  • Delivery Methods and Social Benefit17:24
  • Relationship Between Spot and Futures Markets16:33
Different Uses of Futures Markets
  • Participants in Futures Markets11:52
  • Investment11:11
  • Arbitrage and Spread Transactions16:08
  • Summary and Recap26:45
Risk Management with Futures Markets
  • Fundamental Concepts of Risk Management16:51
  • Effectiveness of Risk Management08:52
  • Design of Risk Management17:06
  • Types of Risk Management13:49
  • Summary of Risk Management06:36
Index Futures Contracts and Applications
  • Development of Index Futures Applications15:51
  • BIST30 Investment Examples and Short-Term Expectations19:36
  • Managing Systemic Risk of the Portfolio (Put Option)08:33
  • Fair Value Index Arbitrage and Asset Distribution11:02
  • Increasing Returns and Portfolio Insurance16:17
  • Spread Applications13:44
Bond Futures Contracts and Applications
  • Bond Futures Contracts and Applications23:02
Currency Futures Contracts and Usage
  • Currency Futures Contracts and Usage15:18
  • Hedging and Investment Example for Dollar-Euro Exchange Rate11:32
Commodity Futures Contracts and Usage
  • Commodity Futures Contracts13:08
Investment Examples in Oil, Gold, Soy, etc.
  • Investment Examples in Oil, Gold, Soy, etc., and Industry Spreads13:12
ABC of Investment in Futures Markets
  • ABC of Investment in Futures Markets16:48

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TRY 434.62

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