Capital Market Instruments Two

It is in your hands to learn the capital market instruments with a level of knowledge that will bring success in the exam.

Capital Market Licensing
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  • Issue and sale of capital market instruments
  • Real estate certificates
  • Interest-free financial instruments
  • Preparing for the exam with expert explanations


At several levels, licensing tests created by the Financial Markets Board are given to those who desire to operate in the capital markets to ascertain their professional credentials. Two courses cover Level 2, Level 3, and capital instruments in the licensing tests for derivative instruments. A participant in the test must pass this module for their participation in the exam to be regarded as successful.

The purpose of this course is to better prepare participants for the Capital Markets Board Level 2, Level 3, and Derivative Instruments Licensing Exams. The subjects covered in the Level 2, Level 3, and Capital Markets Instruments 2 tests—one of the course titles falling within the purview of Derivative Instruments—are covered in the licensure exams. With the course, you will become well-versed in the capital market instruments and grasp the crucial details of their issuance and sale. Depository certificates, real estate warrants, and the prospectus and issuance document needed to get familiar with capital market instruments are all covered in this great training program. Participants will leave the workshop with knowledge of capital market instruments and preparedness for the Level 2, Level 3, and Derivative Instruments tests.


Ayşegül Güngör
Ayşegül Güngör
Minerva Education and Consulting Partner

Course Content

7 chapters8 videos2 hour 15 minute total time
  • Introduction00:34
Issuance and Sale of Capital Market Instruments
  • Issuance of Capital Market Instruments10:30
  • Sale of Capital Market Instruments19:51
Securities Related to Asset Financing
  • Securities Related to Asset Financing25:50
Interest-Free Financial Instruments
  • Interest-Free Financial Instruments31:42
Real Estate Certificates
  • Real Estate Certificates21:13
  • Warrants15:45
Deposit Certificates
  • Deposit Certificates09:47

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