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Capital Market Licensing
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The Capital Markets Authority license application has been launched as one of the measures done to bring the financial markets in Turkey up to an international standard. One must possess a particular degree of professional competence in the relevant licensing categories to work in the capital market. The level 1 licensure exam's topic appears to be limited-scope capital market law and professional regulations in this context.

For individuals who will take the Real Estate and Derivative Instruments License test as well as the Capital Market Activities Licensing Exam 1, this course has been created with study questions and detailed answers. With the help of this course, which consists of 25 questions, it is hoped that participants will be able to build the foundation they need to address potential problems, learn how to respond to questions they find challenging, fill in knowledge gaps in their weaker areas, and conduct a general review before the exam.


Ayşegül Güngör
Ayşegül Güngör
Minerva Education and Consulting Partner

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  • Question 201:15
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  • Question 401:26
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  • Sample Questions 208:24
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