50 Golden Rules of Success in Options Trading

Apply the golden rules of options investing without allowing your psychology to get in the way.

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  • Taking a methodical approach to thinking, acting, and performing
  • The importance of trend following
  • Gold tips for success in options investing
  • Interpretation of the relationship between trading volume and open position


By examining the views and experiences of market experts, we may conclude that investors who trade on the Futures and Options Market typically lose money by disobeying several fundamental trading rules. It is up to you to stop this, though. The way is? In this session, you will learn all the specifics of this within the context of the "50 Golden Rules."

Building your full game plan before deciding to trade in the futures market is crucial if you want to stay in the game. When trading in this market, try to adhere to the "50 Golden Rules" discussed in this course. The first step to effective trading is to not rush through this task, to keep in mind that opportunities will never run out, and to be aware of the "50 Golden Rules" that we will be focusing on in this lesson. Believe…

First and foremost, this training's goal is to develop a resource that investors who trade and want to trade in the futures and options markets, as well as intermediary institutions and bank employees working in the financial sector, can refer to when making decisions to make profitable trades in the futures markets. Additionally, this course is a crucial resource for anybody looking to solidify the theoretical information they have acquired about futures markets through their academic studies and understand the fundamental principles of profitable trading in futures markets.


Ahmet Çayıroğlu
Ahmet Çayıroğlu
Corporate Marketing and Business Development Manager


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Course Content

8 chapters13 videos1 hour 22 minute total time
  • Introduction01:07
Getting Started
  • Getting Started04:32
Trend Following
  • Trend Following 104:15
  • Trend Following 204:48
50 Golden Rules
  • 50 Golden Rules 105:49
  • 50 Golden Rules 205:14
  • 50 Golden Rules 302:52
  • 50 Golden Rules 406:53
  • 50 Golden Rules 506:40
15 Mistakes
  • 15 Mistakes06:34
Stop Loss and Leverage Concepts
  • Stop Loss and Leverage Concepts11:21
Open Position Concept and Closing
  • Open Position Concept and Closing11:50
Usage of Finnet2000
  • Usage of Finnet200010:18

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TRY 250.18

1 hour 22 minute total time
1 analysis program
Lifetime access
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